Will the OKTAGON MMA organization have its own home stand?

Will the OKTAGON MMA organization have its own home stand?
Will the OKTAGON MMA organization have its own home stand?

The OKTAGON MMA organization has already offered us a total of 6 events this year (31, Prime 5, 32, UDG, 33, 34), with 4 more to come before the end of the year. The closest one is the OKTAGON 35 tournament, which takes place in Brno and is dominated by the title duel between Patrik Kincl and Alex Lohoré. Precisely in connection with the nearest tournament, it was confirmed that OKTAGON will get a new home stand.

Novotný, from a close source, describes what kind of “mill wheel” Chimaev is in

“Even before the start of construction, the BRNO ARENA acquired a serious tenant, one of the largest Czech sports organizations, OKTAGON MMA. BRNO ARENA, which was the best rated project within the subsidy call of the National Sports Agency, will thus become, in addition to HC Kometa Brno, the home stand for the largest Czech-Slovak combat sports organization and its tournaments in the South Moravian Region. WE EAT BOMBS,” informed the IG profile of Arena Brno, which immediately offered interesting graphics of how the arena will look with the OKTAGON decoration.

Further information was also offered by the FB profile of Události Brno, The OKTAGON MMA organization, which organizes cage fights, is seriously interested in renting the planned multi-functional arena at the exhibition center in Brno. The city is now looking for a concessionaire to operate the hall in the future. OKTAGON does not want to be a concessionaire, but wants to conclude a contract with him after his selection. However, the selection of the operator will most likely not be completed by the municipal elections, which are on September 23 and 24. The construction of the hall is now complicated by the financial situation with regard to the rising prices of building materials and the energy crisis, as well as the protracted selection of a concessionaire.”

What does this mean in practice? We will probably find out in connection with the OKTAGON 35 tournament. However, it can be assumed that Brno will become a regular venue for OKTAGON events in the future. Brno is roughly halfway between the Czech Republic and Slovakia, so it is a strategically advantageous place for fans from both countries to arrive.

Of course, OKTAGON has good relations with Brno, because a number of tournaments with and without fans were held here during the crisis. So let’s see what else we learn about this collaboration. Promoter Ondřej Novotný announced several times that the number of tournaments should increase next year. So far it’s been mostly 10, so we can look forward to an even bigger portion of MMA and combat sports.

In addition to the domestic scene, OKTAGON also focuses on an interesting expansion

“OKTAGON wants to continue to expand into Ireland and the UK… and they want to do it their way. So there is talk of a reality show, perhaps in the manner of Great Britain vs. Ireland. This is now in the plan and attention is moving in this direction. The management asked me what they should do differently, and I told them that everything that happened on the CZ/SK scene should be imitated. It needs to be done similarly. This happened in Germany, where the Challenge was quite successful. The matches and fighters were great. In addition, you have to take into account the size of the audience in Ireland. This is unmistakable. Moreover, if there is an element of rivalry between nations. The management liked Dublin. We had dinner… and then we were at SBG, where of course we talked with John Kavanagh, who was in Ostrava with Lucía Pudilova and was excited about OKTAGON. Ideally, it will be possible to establish relationships, sign a few fighters and start a TV show, and then the tournament will follow on from that,” English OKTAGON commentator Bryan Lacey revealed in an interview with Severe MMA.

Of course, Bryan is not “just” a commentator, but a very important figure in the whole expansion, because he has a lot of contacts on the Islands, which OKTAGON can now use to establish relationships and cooperation, “We talked to a number of gyms. In England, of course, we talked to Brad Pickett and the Shootfighters. We have also been in contact with various managers. So for now it’s at the stage of looking for talent to sign. The first signings could take place very soon. Now we have a few events before the end of the year and then we start planning for 2023. We already have some fighters and managers approached, so it’s about creating some interesting duels.”

So it’s clear that expansion into Great Britain and Ireland is in sight and an equally interesting Challenge that pits two nations with a rich history against each other.

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