POLL: The Czech and Slovak fight scenes are clear about Kincl’s title defense. What you?


Author: Ondřej Huml

Will Patrik Kincl defend his title?

Will Patrik Kincl defend his title?PHOTO: OCTAGON MMA

This Saturday will decide who will be the middleweight champion of the OKTAGON MMA organization. Whether the title will be defended by the striker Patrik Kincl, or the elegant Frenchman Alex Lohoré will replace him on the throne. Bookmakers believe in the native of Hradec, but what about the wrestlers themselves? The kaocko.cz editors contacted nine of them and asked them all the same question. How will this title fight turn out?

David Kozma:
“I’m tipping Patrik to win, I think he’ll win on points. It’s very difficult to finish Alex, after all, even Karlos couldn’t do it. I’d guess that we’ll see a match quite similar to when he went with Lohoré. And it will end anyway.”

Francis Fodor:
“I think Kincl will win. I don’t know how, but he will. He’s such a smart and experienced fighter that he’ll just see to it.”

Who will win the title match in Brno?

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Rony Paradeiser:
“I see it in Kincl’s favor. He is better off physically, he will throw Lohoré to the ground and he will trouble him there. He will win on points.”

Vladimir Lengál:
“Kincl has high qualities, but Lohoré will be more than a balanced opponent. Still, I see it as 60 to 40 for Patrik.”

Matúš Juráček:
“On the ground, Kincl will either beat Lohoré to points or strangle him there. From what I have information, physically, Patrik is really great. He will just have to be careful with his attitude. Alex already showed that he has bombs in his hands against Zdenek Polívek. “

Andrey Kalashnik:
“I trust Kincl more. 60 to 40 for him.”

Lohoré will be very sad about how our match will develop, prophesies Kincl

Robert Pukač:
“It’s hard to say. They both have their qualities, I really see it 50/50 with them. I can imagine that Kincl will throw Lohoré to the ground and bully him there, just like Karlos did to Alex. But I would believe more in the attitude Lohoré, who also has a lot of strength. I’m quite curious in what form he will come to Brno.”

Jakub Bahník:
“It will be a really tough match. But technically, Paťas is completely different, he will take care of everything and finish him in the third round.”

Vlasto Cepo:
“At first I believed a little more in Alex. After a more detailed analysis of the two of them, however, I think that Patrik will win. It will depend on which one of them asserts his style. I think Alex has a little better attitude, Patrik does a great job on the ground. If they keep Alex there, I think he’ll win on points and defend his belt.”

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