Parsley openly: Offense? I don’t know. Let the referees whistle

Cologne (from our correspondent) – He regrets the 2:4 loss, especially the beginning of the match, when, according to him, the team looked around unnecessarily. And he also openly criticizes the Ukrainian referee Aranovsky.

How do you evaluate the loss after the match?

A very challenging match, it’s a shame that we didn’t manage to grab a point. From the beginning of the half we took a breath and thought we could get something. But then the referee whistled a penalty, which I don’t know if it was. It’s a shame for us. I would say that we won the first half based on the chances from the game, but they gave us two goals from set pieces. That is difficult to turn against such a quality opponent.

Photo: Thilo Schmuelgen, Reuters

The euphoria of the Slovácko players on the field of Kolín n. Rýnem after a precise hit by Milan Petržela (third from the right).Photo: Thilo SchmuelgenReuters

What was going through your head after the equalizer?

It was euphoric and a beautiful feeling. It gave us blood and great enthusiasm. We were on a roll and if we had kept the score 2:2 longer, we might have scored more goals and taken a point.

Jan Kalabiška could complete the turnaround, but he did not convert a separate escape. The team then demanded a penalty. How did you see the procedure?

We wanted the referee to whistle the penalty. Honza didn’t have a shoe, he probably has a hard time taking it off himself. The contact was there, even though he eventually ended it. About two or three players flowed into it. If the referee wanted to, he would whistle for a foul. I don’t know if I feel wronged. We are a small club, the referees do what they want with us. But they could whistle straight.

It turned out that you and Kolín were able to play a balanced game. Didn’t you start the duel with great respect?

They certainly did, when we came upon them later, they were making mistakes. It’s a shame that we looked at each other in the first half. It was similar to Fenerbahce or Stockholm.

Photo: Thilo Schmuelgen, Reuters

Jan Kalabiška (left in blue) celebrates his goal scored by Cologne.Photo: Thilo SchmuelgenReuters

The first half was also accompanied by two very sharp fouls by the opponent, awarded with yellow cards. How did you see the situation?

If there was a video referee at the match, the Kolín player went out. The referee was making fun of us the whole match and there was nothing you could do about it.

If the statistics are correct, you are the oldest scorer in the Conference League at the age of 39.

I think to myself: “Damn, I’m probably not old yet!” The hit was euphoria for the whole team.

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