FOOTBALL ONLINE: Clash of the Giants. Italy hosts England

England lost in the mentioned final at the home EURO after a penalty shootout. Unlike Italy, however, it subsequently made its way to the World Cup in Qatar.

In the Nations League so far, England has a bad record, after four games with two points on their account, they are last. England first lost 0-1 in Hungary, then drew 1-1 in Germany, 0-0 at home to Italy and most recently lost 0-4 at home to Hungary. They need to beat Italy today to avoid relegation to the second division.

The Italians are not experiencing a good period at all after the triumph at the EC. First, they failed to qualify for the World Cup and they are not doing too well in the Nations League either. After four rounds, they have only five points and are third in the table. They first drew 1-1 with Germany, beat Hungary 2-1, then drew goalless in England and lost heavily 2-5 in Germany.

League of Nations
group A3
Italy – England 0:0 in the 1st half
20:45 Germany – Hungary.
Group B3:
20:45 Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro
20:45 Finland – Romania
Group C4:
Georgia – North Macedonia 2:0 (1:0)
Goals: 35. own Miovski, 64. Kvaracchelija.
20:45 Bulgaria – Gibraltar.
Group D2:
Estonia – Malta 2:1 (1:0)
Goals: 45.+6 Sappinen from pen., 86. Anier – 51. Teuma from pen. ČK: 45.+4 Borg (Malta).

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