The famous Khabib criticizes the Russian mobilization. We’re not ready for that, says the UFC icon

UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov made the first public criticism of the war in Ukraine. The 34-year-old former MMA fighter is annoyed by the Russian mobilization ordered by President Putin.

The former UFC lightweight champion is a proud patriot and likes to talk about his native Dagestan. But it is in this Russian region that people are now protesting against President Putin’s conscription.

Nurmagomedov also expressed his disapproval of the mobilization. “But we are not ready for that,” wrote a Dagestani fighter who also published a picture of a cemetery from the Second World War, i.e. from the time when the last Russian mobilization took place.

He was also quick to criticize Muhammad Mokaev, who fled from Dagestan to the United Kingdom. The 22-year-old wrestler spoke about the massive protests taking place in his native country. “The situation in Dagestan is very bad. You are oppressing your own people, it is clear that you have orders to stop the gathering, but without dragging women and shooting in the air. If they take you away tomorrow, your wives will stand up for you too. Do your job carefully and don’t stress your own people. You don’t know what the situation will be in your homes! In Dagestan, people are paid so little, the men have to earn what they can, and then they are taken to fight. You have to understand your people, at least women! be patient with all the people of the Caucasus in this difficult time,” adds the talented wrestler, who has two winning duels in the UFC.

According to the BBC, most of the dead soldiers of the Russian army come from Dagestan. “At least 301 soldiers from Dagestan have already died in the war in Ukraine, which is the largest number of all Russian regions. This is, for example, ten times the number of those killed in Moscow. And the actual numbers will be even higher,” says the British radio and television station’s website.

Check out Russia’s anti-mobilization protests:

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