Bosk goes to Ronaldo and Messi, fans zu: Cover, are you not boycotting for Qatar?

In 2018, commentator Jaromr Bosk was angry that the World Cup was held in Russia. In an interview with DVTV, the long-time star of Czech television changed that, according to him, even Qatar is not a suitable destination.

I know that it was very cold when the news came out about the people who destroyed the land to build hotels, stadiums, and roads. I expected the biggest football stars to say: Hello, without us! We just won’t go there said Bosk, who then went into specific games for going to the tournament.

The expert hoped that star players Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi would boycott the stadium.

I understand that for someone who would get to his first and only world championship, it would be worth deciding, because there is no such thing in sports. But especially with the biggest stars, such as Messi and Ronaldo, who got wet with this, I would expect to hear something like that from them. And that is probably the most disappointing pre-tournament time for me, said Jaromr Bosk.

Jaromr Bosk is a popular football commentator and today a full-fledged YouTuber.

Divci zu: Hypocrite level million! Aren’t you boycotting the tournament?

It didn’t take long for Bosk to get a reaction from the girls on social media in the changing Internet TV. They are of the opinion that the legendary moderator behaved like a hypocrite, because he had the opportunity to boycott the tournament in Qatar, but he did not do so and comments on the news from Prague.

Didn’t Mr. Bosk boycott for that? He didn’t have to worry about it. It seems a bit hypocritical to me. Challenge the footballers not to go to work. I can face it the same way, think of the debater Michal.

Hypocrite level million welcome football fan Radek. Mr. Bosk is smart as hell. Why didn’t he refuse to comment on the post from Qatar? asks the viewer Kristna.

Some angry TV viewers started bombarding Bosko on his Facebook profile as well. They wanted an explanation from him, because he criticizes the game for the fact that they are going to the world championship in Qatar, when he is commenting on the tournament.

Mr. Bosk is what? Sports or political commentator? on his profile Mr. Martin.

Every commentator doesn’t have to deal with his critics. A few years ago, for example, he threatened to publish their stories in his book, even with spelling mistakes, so he made fools of them in front of the whole nation. However, he has not yet responded to the changed comments.

Most likely, the reason is a lot of work during the tournament, but after a few days of fighting with internet haters, Bosk is careful not to spoil his image.

The article is in Czech

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