A young hockey player attacked an opponent at a school tournament. He faces criminal charges

A young hockey player attacked an opponent at a school tournament. He faces criminal charges
A young hockey player attacked an opponent at a school tournament. He faces criminal charges

An incident occurred at a high school floorball tournament in Nitra, Slovakia, involving two youth hockey representatives. One of them, specifically Ondrej Molnár, broke an opponent’s ambulance and is now facing criminal prosecution.

Nitra hockey players and youth representatives Adam Sýkora (18) and Ondrej Molnár (17) took part in the school floorball tournament. But at the end of one of the matches, according to the Šport.sk portal, it was Sýkora who was sharply attacked and a fight broke out based on that.

In it, Molnár was supposed to punch one of the opponents in the face, and with a hard blow he was supposed to break his sled and knock out his teeth. The victim now has to undergo surgery for this. The police were then called, who took Molnár to the station, where they interrogated him and then released him.

“On December 7, 2022 at around 9:00 a.m. in Nitra, on the floorball court of the Municipal Sports Hall, i.e. in a publicly accessible place, an offense of disorderly conduct in conjunction with bodily harm occurred. The police are investigating the circumstances of this incident, so it will not be provide no further information based on the established facts,” the police told Šport.sk.

Ondrej Molnár received the first blow in the face, his lip is torn. Ondra instinctively returned the blow, unfortunately with disproportionate force, causing injury to the opponent. He acted unintentionally, in the heat of battle and in a whipped atmosphere. He regrets his actions and has sincerely apologized,” the school that organized the tournament said in a statement.

​According to one of the witnesses, it was Molnár who was more aggressive, and was even supposed to attack one more opponent. “During the entire conflict, the Nitra players were more aggressive from the beginning. Our boys tried to defend their teammates, but the Nitra boys didn’t care, they chased everyone. Ondrej Molnár chased another player to our substitute, where he threw him to the ground and started kicking him, putting his knees on his chin until his tongue fell out. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured in the end,” the witness told a Slovak website.

Ondrej Molnár and Adam Sýkora should report to the meeting of the Slovakian under-20 national team on Monday to prepare for the Junior World Championship. It starts on December 26 in Canada, and the Slovak Ice Hockey Association (SZLH) is now dealing with the whole situation. “We are gathering information about the mentioned incident and we will take a specific position on the matter,” revealed SLZH spokesman Peter Jánošík.


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