Kladno – Liberec 3:2, Last Kladno prevented Liberec from reaching the top six


Although the guests pushed into the attacking zone immediately after the opening goal, the Knights created scoring chances. However, Kváča managed to drive Baran from behind the goal, as well as Bláha’s shot, which was followed by Dotchin’s imprecise stop.

But in the 4th minute, Kladno was already in the lead, when a new member of the elite formation, Indrák, opened the scoring after Plekance’s backhand pass from behind the goal. The Central Bohemians continued their active play and increased their lead in the 9th minute. Zikmund ended his action with a stop and luckily scored his third goal of the season, the first since November 4.

The White Tigers settled down more significantly in front of Brízgala only at the end of the first half, but they did not manage to reduce it. In the second part, the guests did not succeed in two consecutive power plays, he eliminated the dangerous actions of Birner and Filippi Brízgal. But in the middle of the match, the North Bohemians already reduced the score when defender Kolmann presented with a precise shot at the back post.

The home team countered attempts by Plekance and Dotchin, but Kladno’s players did not succeed in the same way as in the 42nd minute on the other side of Melancon. In the 47th minute, Nedomlel was sent off and Kladno took advantage of the first power play in the match thanks to Dotchin’s hard shot from the blue line.

Liberec, however, dropped it in a flash. Flynn’s chance didn’t end with a goal, but defender Balinskis already made his mark in the continuing action. The White Tigers were able to cut it 47 seconds into the game. Probably the most interesting part of the match ended with Melko’s shot on the post. In the end, Kladno held on for a close win and beat Liberec 3:2 at home for the second time this season.

Kladno Knights – White Tigers Liberec 3:2 (2:0, 0:1, 1:1)
Goals and assists: 4. Indrák (Plekanec), 9. Zikmund (M. Procházka), 49. Dotchin (M. Procházka) – 31. Kolmann (Melancon, Flynn), 49. Balinskis (Melancon, Birner). Referee: Ondráček, Stano (SR) – Rampír, Hnát. Exclusion: 4:3. Usage: 1:0. Viewers: 2023.
Kladno: Brízgala – Dotchin, Kehar, Ticháček, Cibulskis, Babka, Slováček, Veber – Indrák, Plekanec, Kubík – Brodecki, Filip, M. Beran – Jágr, Zikmund, M. Procházka – O. Bláha, Pytlík, Melka. Coach: O. Vejvoda Jr.
Liberec: Kváča – Nedomlel, Balinskis, Melancon, M. Ivan, Štibingr, Derner, Kolmann – Faško-Rudaš, Filippi, Birner – Flynn, A. Najman, Frolík – Rychlovský, P. Jelínek, Ordoš – A. Dlouhý, J. Šír, J. Vlach. Coach: P. Augusta.

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