Rangers “suffocate” Czech in vital form. Losing him would be a crime, he says from overseas

Rangers “suffocate” Czech in vital form. Losing him would be a crime, he says from overseas
Rangers “suffocate” Czech in vital form. Losing him would be a crime, he says from overseas

Filip Chytil is playing the season of his life in NHL hockey. In one statistic, only David Pastrňák surpasses him from the Czechs. That is why there are voices that the young center should get more space.

23, 23, 22 and 22. That’s how many points Chytil collected in his first four full seasons for the New York Rangers. Although he played a different number of games each time, you could generally say that he was stagnant.

However, the 23-year-old center flew into the current season brilliantly. After 39 games, he already has 26 points (13+13). Even the concussion, which caused him to miss eight games, did not slow him down too much, and he could beat the fifty-point mark.

At the same time, he caught them with an ice time of 14:17, making him the team’s eighth most exploited forward. He leads up to the third formation, where his teammates often change. The last time he had youngsters Kaap Kakka and Alexis Lafrenier on hand, who – at least so far – are not part of the team’s driving forces.

“It’s getting harder and harder to understand why coach Gerard Gallant won’t move Chytil to the second line with Artemii Panarin,” recently wrote well-known journalist Larry Brooks from the New York Post.

He also dislikes power-play formations. Chytil leads the second one, but it gets three to four times less space than the first one.

Brooks would thus promote the shapely Czech to an elite commando. The numerical advantages of the Rangers have not been working very well lately, and overall with a percentage success rate of 22.2, they belong to the league average.

Chytil pays for the fact that he has a lot of competition in the center of the attack. Mika Zibanejad is and will probably be the undisputed first center of the team for a long time. The second is 29-year-old Vincent Trocheck, who signed a seven-year contract with the club in the summer with an annual salary of 5.6 million dollars. Both spend an average of over 20 minutes on the ice.

However, Trocheck’s formation does not shine much yet, even coach Gallant repeats that he must improve.

Trocheck himself averages 1.33 points and 0.27 goals per 60 minutes of five-on-five play. He held them to 2.25 points and one goal, which ranks him second among his teammates in both cases.

By the way, among the Czechs, Chytil with the number 2.25 is fourth behind the Boston trio David Krejčí, David Pastrňák and Pavel Zacha. In goals per 60 minutes, he is surpassed only by Pastrňák with a value of 1.7.

Where Chytil objectively loses are face-offs. While Trocheck is one of the specialists, the Czech center did not maintain good numbers from the beginning of the regular season and is currently at a miserable 38.6 percentage success rate. He still hasn’t silenced his voices so much that he should play more on the wing.

“Suffocation” in the third line complicates his future in the New York club anyway. His $2.3 million contract expires this summer and he will become a protected free agent.

It is assumed that he will improve to an annual salary of around four million, but the main question is how long his next contract will be. “He may not want to commit for a long time,” wrote The Athletic website a few days ago, saying that Chytil’s prospects for more space in the center of the attack are very limited with the Rangers.

If negotiations do not lead anywhere, the situation may lead to an exchange. “To lose Chytil, either before the transfer deadline or in the summer, after nurturing him for five years, would be more than a shame for Rangers. It would be a downright crime,” journalist Brooks added.

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