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The segment of affordable smart watches has long been occupied by Xiaomi, which has now introduced the Redmi Watch 3 model. However, with processing and functions, you get surprisingly more than you would expect for around two thousand crowns. But more in the review itself.

Although the Redmi Watch 3 is a cheap smart watch, its price/performance ratio aims to appeal to a wide range of customers. In addition to a large OLED display, they will offer, for example, an integrated GPS or a fast system.

Construction 42.6 x 36.6 x 10 mm, 37 gresistance: Yes
Belt artificial, replaceable: Yesfastening: buckle
Display AMOLED, 1.75″ (390 × 450 px), shape: square
System proprietarycompatible with: Android, iOS
Data functions Bluetooth: 5.2, Wi-Fi: Nomobile networks: NoNFC: No
Memory internal memory: ?memory cards: No
Accumulator 289mAhcharging: proprietary cradle
Availability , 2,199 CZK

Package contents: nothing more is needed

In addition to the watch itself (with a strap already attached), the white box contains only manuals and a short cable combining USB-A on one side and proprietary magnetic pins on the other.

We liked it
  • nothing important is missing

Design processing: a good look for a few crowns

The Redmi Watch 3 partly follows the wave of smart watches from Apple, which is evident from the shape of the case/display, on the other hand, they have flat frames and I have to admit that this combination suits them and they look more expensive than what they cost. In a black color design (with a gray frame imitating metal) and a black silicone strap, they are also suitable both for a meeting with a suit (where they will not be distracting) and for sports. The strap itself is also a copy of the fastening system of the Apple watch and also offers a very easy detachment from the case.

Looking at the underside, it probably won’t surprise anyone that there is no glass or ceramic waiting for the user, but ordinary plastic in combination with several sensors and charging pins. On the body, which boasts water resistance up to 5 ATM, we can also notice a cut-out for the speaker and microphone, so the watch can also be used for handling calls. On the wrist, the watch is pleasantly light, relatively compact and I simply have nothing to complain about. This is a very nicely crafted piece of hardware at this price point.

We liked it
  • comfortable to wear
  • water resistance up to 5 ATM
  • quality workmanship
  • the ability to easily detach the straps from the case
  • looks more expensive

Display: simply great

One of the main attractions of this model is undoubtedly the display, which boasts a diagonal of 1.75″, AMOLED technology and a high brightness of up to 600 nits. This combination (together with the fineness of 341 PPI) makes the Redmi Watch 3 quite possibly the best choice in terms of used screens in the price range.And truth be told, it could easily beat the displays of some more expensive watches.

Readability is excellent, the thickness of the frames is reasonable (however, they don’t have to bother you too much anyway, as the system environment is mostly black), and the maximum brightness is top-notch. The only thing that could freeze is the absence of automatic brightness control, however, even with the manual brightness set to approx. 60/70%, I had no problem with legibility outside most of the time and at the same time it did not dazzle me in the dark.

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The watch also has a sufficiently wide range of dials that users can color further, Always-On mode (supporting four different dials) or the option to automatically activate the display by raising the wrist or turn it off by covering the palm. It should be noted that everything worked exemplarily, sometimes with a slight delay, for example, when raising the wrist, but certainly nothing that a cheap smart watch cannot be forgiven very easily, especially when it happens even with more expensive models.

We liked it
  • 1.75″ AMOLED panel with high fineness and maximum brightness
  • high maximum brightness
  • supports Always-On
  • wide range of dials
  • option to turn off the display by covering the palm
We didn’t like it
  • automatic brightness control is missing

System and performance: absolutely fine

For the Redmi Watch 3, the manufacturer has understandably reached for a proprietary operating system (according to the information in the settings in version 1.1.37), which offers enough options and also works quickly. In addition to sports and health aspects, which I will focus on in another chapter, the watch has a pre-installed calendar (updated every 7 days) or weather with sunset/sunrise information. However, you can also open the application of your favorite contacts, of which there can be up to 10 in the watch (added through the mobile application). There are also little things such as a stopwatch, minute minder or camera trigger, searching for a paired phone by ringing, remote control of a music player (e.g. Spotify) and connection to the voice assistant Alexa.

So, in my opinion, there are more than enough options for such a cheap watch, and I can also positively evaluate the Mi Fitness mobile application, which allows additional settings, see the attached screenshots. By swiping to the sides from the main screen, you can view various widgets, for example a widget with a battery indicator, blood oxygenation, calendar, etc. I was also pleasantly surprised by the speedy operation of the system, and the only thing missing is NFC support for contactless payments, but that for such a cheap watch certainly not a standard.

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On the other hand, support for calls (through a connected phone) is above standard. Sound quality and volume are sufficient, so this is a welcome option or an alternative for handsfree.

We liked it
  • brisk running
  • graphically advanced environment
  • a large number of additional functions
  • remote camera shutter release
  • call support through a connected phone
We didn’t like it
  • contactless payments are missing

Durability and charging: once every two weeks?

The watch is equipped with a 289mAh battery, which, apparently, thanks to the energy-efficient operating system, can ensure a real two-week endurance. A full charge from 0 to 100% should then take about an hour and a half.

Sports and health functions: including GPS

Redmi Watch 3 has an integrated GPS, and even if its accuracy is only basic (as evidenced by the long straight lines from the track record in some places, although the route was not 100% straight), it can be considered a pleasant benefit that gives the user at least some idea of ​​the route they walked or ran. In the exercise menu, we can find modes of walking, outdoor running, free style, hiking, cycling, treadmill, jump rope, swimming in the pool and the more button, under which we also find winter sports, dancing, etc.

The display of measured sports activities is then available both in the watch (in a basic but sufficient design) and in the application. In it, however, I noticed a strange error with map documents that did not want to be displayed, regardless of whether I chose the default or satellite view. However, I’ve used other smartwatches with this app in the past and haven’t had a problem, so it’s probably just a bug that will be fixed.

Other functions include heart rate and blood oxygenation monitoring, although SpO2 must always be started manually and it cannot monitor continuously without the user’s knowledge, as more expensive models can. Furthermore, there is no lack of monitoring of sleep, stress or breathing exercises, in short, everything that we are used to in modern smart watches (at this price).

We liked it
  • values ​​of measured sports activities in the watch and application
  • integrated GPS
  • a large number of sports modes
We didn’t like it
  • GPS is not very accurate
Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3


The Redmi Watch 3 is a really great watch. In a way, this watch does not lack anything at all and can be called perfect, although it could be argued that it does not support contactless payments, for example, while the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 with NFC is cheaper and supports it. However, this is again a slightly different device in terms of design and equipment, which again does not offer the functions that the Redmi Watch 3 is capable of.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3


If the possibility of contactless payment is extremely important to you and you have a very limited budget, you might be interested in the previously mentioned Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 bracelet with NFC, on the other hand, you will have several concessions compared to the Redmi Watch 3.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 NFC

Construction 47.4 x 18.6 x 12.7 mm, 12.8 gresistance: Yes
Belt artificial, replaceable: Yes
Display AMOLED, 1.56″ (152 × 486 px)
System proprietarycompatible with: Android, iOS
Connectivity Bluetooth: 5.0, NoNFC
Accumulator 125 mAhcharging: USB A

All-day SpO2 monitoring and a high-quality AMOLED display will also be offered by the Honor Band 7, which could be more attractive to the female audience thanks to its design.

Honor Band 7

Construction 43 × 25.4 × 11 mm, 18 gresistance: Yes
Belt artificial, replaceable: Yes
Display AMOLED, 1.47″ (368 × 194 px)
System proprietarycompatible with: Android, iOS
Connectivity Bluetooth: 5.0, No, No
Accumulator 180mAhcharging: proprietary cradle, charging time: 1:05 hours

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