Beware of the Google app, Huawei phones warn. They are trying to convince people that it is a virus

  • Huawei phones warn their users about the Google app
  • However, it is not a virus, the phones are just acting paranoid

A bizarre problem has appeared among users of Huawei phones. Their smartphone, or rather the operating system from the Huawei workshop, alerts the user to the Google application. This is used for searching within a popular search engine. Is it a mistake or targeted marketing by Huawei against the American Google?

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Google as a virus?

The error message specifically states: “A security threat. This also seems to apply to the Google app. We recommend immediate uninstallation.” It is important to remember that the error concerns ordinary users in Europe who use Huawei phones – either those without Google services or older generations that still had access.

According to the screenshots shared by the affected users, the phones of China’s Huawei brand the Google app as the TrojanSMS-PA virus. A Trojan is a type of malicious code (malware) that enters your phone in an unobserved form, for example as an ordinary application, but then does harm in the background.

Specifically, the mentioned TrojanSMS-PA is supposed to be malicious also in the way that it sends SMS messages without the user’s permission. Because of this, it can sign you up to an unwanted subscription, for example, or it can try to attack your contacts in the address book without being noticed.


Huawei is paranoid

If the warning message also appeared on all Huawei phones, don’t worry. The Google app is by no means a virus, even though the phone warns about it. The mystery lies in the fact that the Huawei phone should not even know the Google application, as it is not possible to download it from the normally available Huawei AppGallery store. Already in the past, Huawei phones incorrectly registered the Google Play Protect application in this way.

It is quite possibly an ongoing conflict between the two factions – the Chinese Huawei and the American Google. Both sides are steadily reporting apps, or not even letting them into their app store. Some time ago, Google also spoke out against the popular AnTuTu benchmark, which it describes as dangerous to this day.

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