How many iPhones and how many Android phones are there in the Czech Republic? The number of Windows Phones will surprise you –


  • android vs. iOS – the eternal battle of great rivals
  • But how much are both systems represented among users in the Czech Republic?
  • And what does representation in neighboring countries like Slovakia or Germany look like?

Regarding the representation of operating systems among smartphone users, we mostly only have information from Western markets, most often the USA. But what does the situation look like on the Czech market, which operating system prevails and which is not yet completely dead, even though it has been said about it for years?

Android leads in the Czech Republic and in the world

Marek Vacek, product manager of the homepage, shared interesting statistics on the X network. According to him, the Android system is represented by 75% of users in the Czech Republic, and the remaining 25% is held by Apple’s iOS. The statistics are at least illustrative, as they are based only on visits to the Seznam server, which is certainly not visited by every smartphone user. Statistics suffer a little from this fact.

Statistics show that 0.0026% of users use Windows Phone to access the List. According to Vack, it is about 200 devices, which, as you will surely recognize, is a really minimal sample. However, at least 200 active Windows Phone users actually exist on the Czech Internet. Isn’t it fascinating?

Vacek subsequently completes his statistics by comparing them with other countries. For example, in Germany, the market share of apple devices is slightly higher, i.e. 38%. Similarly in France (34%), slightly less in Slovakia (24%) and even only 18% in Poland.

African countries have the smallest share of iOS devices, only 14% on average for the entire continent. Just for fun, the largest penetration of iPhones among the population has a micro-state in the Atlantic Ocean called Bermuda Islands. Out of a population of roughly 64,000, 97% have an iPhone.

Share of operating systems on a global scaleShare of operating systems on a global scale
Share of operating systems on a global scale

The Statcounter agency also provides information from global measurements. According to measurements for the last year, Android is indeed dominant worldwide with 69.64%. iOS follows with 29.67% and then nothing for a long time. Around 0.37% is covered by Samsung’s proprietary dumb phone system, with 0.11% share is also KaiOS, another system for push-button mobiles, and finally Windows Phone with 0.02% share.

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