He ordered four iPhone 15 Pro Max, after unpacking he became a millionaire – SMARTmania.cz


  • A bizarre order arrived for a tiktoker from the US
  • Instead of the quartet of ordered iPhone 15 Pro Max, he received 60 of them
  • He says he doesn’t have to return them, according to him it’s a mistake by someone at Apple

Someone has either invented and staged an interesting story, or someone will soon lose their job. An American tiktoker nicknamed legends_gio, with a fan base of over 300,000 people, claims in a video that instead of the four iPhone 15 Pro Max he ordered, he received exactly 60. Can it even be true?

The more iPhones, the bigger the show

The TikTok influencer, who is also the sole source of this fascinating event, claims that he ordered four of the most powerful ones right when the new iPhone 15 was introduced in September. He took one iPhone 15 Pro Max with 1TB of storage for himself and bought a trio of models with basic 256GB of storage for his three colleagues.

On Wednesday, he uploaded a video on TikTok showing that his order had finally arrived. Instead of four iPhones, the 15 Pro Max arrived in four different boxes with 60 iPhones, all in the highest configuration with 1TB of memory. If we take into account that such an iPhone costs less than 48,000 crowns, the entire shipment comes to almost 3 million crowns including VAT.


Someone really screwed up


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