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You don’t have to buy electronics and home appliances from Samsung only in chain stores and general e-shops. You can also choose the goods directly in the e-shop This direct sales channel offers customers not only a wide range of benefits, but also various advantageous offers. All this in one place. In addition, as part of Black Friday, shoppers can look forward to several events that, in combination with other benefits at the e-shop, will bring them an even greater shopping experience.

Black Friday at e-shop

Black Friday at the e-shop is in full swing. What favorable offers await customers as part of this event?

The more the merrier – Looking at multiple devices at once is really paying off for shoppers this month. When they buy 2 selected products from the Mobile Devices category, they get a 10% discount, if they choose 3 products, the final discount will even be 15% for the entire order. It is possible to combine different types of products, e.g. smartphone + watch + headphones.

Example The more, the better – 3 products – 15% discount Current price as of November 3* 15% discount
Galaxy Z Fold5 512GB Gray 38,390 CZK 5,759 CZK
Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra 34,490 CZK 5,174 CZK
Galaxy Watch6 Classic 47mm 10,490 CZK 1,574 CZK
Discount CZK 83,370 12,506 CZK
Total price after discount 70,865 CZK

Use of additional bonuses:

Take advantage of other Samsung bonuses Bonus amount
Samsung Rewards – discount on next purchase** 6,719 CZK
Trade-in bonus (= redemption bonus that the customer receives back 14 days after the purchase) 10,000 CZK
Purchase value of the old device (sent min. 14 days after purchase, price depends on the condition of the device)*** 13,000 CZK
Total value of bonuses 29,719 CZK

Second in half – Samsung has also prepared a big event for shoppers who choose from a range of home appliances, televisions, audio and monitors. If they choose 2 products from the given categories, they get the cheaper one with a 50% discount.****

Samsung Black Friday dealsSamsung Black Friday deals

Example Second in half (50% discount on cheaper product) Current price as of November 3* Scrap metal Second in half Discount with scrap
BESPOKE AI 11kg steam washing machine 24,990 CZK CZK 3,000 10,995 CZK
BESPOKE AI 9kg dryer 28,990 CZK CZK 2,000 28,990 CZK
53,980 CZK CZK 5,000 CZK 39,985 34,985 CZK
Rewards for next purchase
Washing machine 10%
Dryer 10%
3,499 CZK

Favorable events – In addition to the aforementioned, Samsung offers a large number of discounts on various products as part of the Black Friday event, whether in the category of televisions, audio, home appliances or monitors. You can find a summary of individual bargains on Black Friday | Offer | Samsung CZ.

The main advantages of the e-shop

In addition to promotional offers, the e-shop from Samsung has long offered customers several reasons why it is more advantageous for them to choose products there. What are the main benefits of this sales channel?

  1. Samsung Rewards
    Become a member of the Samsung Rewards loyalty program and collect points that you can then use as a discount on your next purchase. If you buy, for example, Galaxy Z Flip 5 in the exclusive gray color, you will get up to CZK 3,099***** for your next purchase.
  2. Installments with 0% increase – Another reason to buy from the direct sales channel from Samsung is the possibility of using installments with zero increase. It is entirely up to you whether you decide to spread the installments over 10 or 24 months. You can find the exact conditions on the Samsung website.
  3. Free transport – When shopping at the e-shop, you automatically receive free shipping on all offered products. Whether you’re buying a new phone or perhaps a washer and dryer, you don’t pay for shipping with us.
  4. Discount on first purchase – Getting ready for your first order? Samsung has prepared a special discount of 5% for new buyers. Just register as a new customer and enter the discount code MUJ-PRVNI-NAKUP when purchasing.

You can find more information about the advantages of the e-shop HERE.

*Price subject to change

** Source of information calculated with the purchase value of the old Galaxy S22 device, condition A., price change and amount of value reserved

*** Samsung Rewards – 10% discount on the next purchase in the case of Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra products, 5% discount on the next purchase when purchasing the Galaxy Watch6 Classic 47mm product, discount amount subject to change

**** To apply the discount, customers must add 2 different selected products to the cart. The prices of the products shown in the example may of course change over time. More information here.

**** Discount on the next purchase thanks to Samsung Rewards 10% from the final price of the product, in this case calculated from the product Galaxy Z Flip 5 with a price of CZK 30,990

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