Blizzard announced the birth of Diablo 4, World of Warcraft and Cataclysm Classic

Blizzard announced the birth of Diablo 4, World of Warcraft and Cataclysm Classic
Blizzard announced the birth of Diablo 4, World of Warcraft and Cataclysm Classic

The show was opened by Mike Ybarra, the head of Blizzard, who knows that the new era of the studio has begun. Which is true, because the gigantic publisher Activision Blizzard has recently fallen under Microsoft, so it was not surprising that Phil Spencer, f Xbox and Microsoft Gaming, also appeared on the stage. Corporate thanks and convincing that the game is the center of Blizzard’s efforts took almost four hours.

As the first saw on the ada of the darkness of the tree Overwatch 2. A new hero, Maug, was introduced, who you may remember from the beauty of heaven published five years ago. In the dark, he will play the role of a tank and make sure that not only pmo fans at Blizzcon, but also everyone at home can try it on the weekend. For the fifth year, a trio of other heroes, Venture (DPS) and Space Ranger (support), are going to be announced. Play the brand new Clash mode.

Did you know that nineteen percent of mobile Diablo Immortal games haven’t played a day of Diablo? I know you won’t be interested, it got to the front quickly Diablo 4. General manager of characters Rod Fergusson introduced the QoL (quality of life) series in the area of ​​seasons, attention is now focused on the preparation of the first expansion.

Names Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred and focus on the fate of Mephisto. Let’s go to the new Torajan Jungle area and we’ll see a new permit, for now we only know about him that we haven’t met him yet in Diablo’s day.

As for the cards Hearthstone, the cowboy expansion of Showdown in the Badlands, which will be released on November 14, was revealed in January. What about some structural changes or insight into the distant future, we didn’t learn much. The creators want to make it easier for new players and newcomers to enter the game, so they are preparing Catch Up Packs, i.e. packages with fifty cards instead of five, from the last two years. It is nice. One of these can be eaten by a prickly pear. Battlegrounds Duos cooperative mode is coming for the fifth year.

Not even mobile Warcraft Rumble not completely new, it came out in two days. We wrote the details on Bonusweb here. It was heard on the stage every day that a new unit will always come out with the new season, and raids are being prepared for the fifth year.

The fans can be the most satisfied World of Warcraft, which is the fifth year of the celebration of twenty years. It will be released on November 30 Cataclysm Classic with level capped at 25 for now and the Blackfathom Depths raid for ten games with new mechanics and rewards. After a few months, the maximum attainable level will rise. Along with the weekly Season of Discovery, which allows you to change the abilities of your permit, as a result of which there should be, for example, lc mg.

What about the retail version, the upcoming expansions will have a common fuse The Worldsoul Saga Storyline. First in line is The War Within expansion (Khaz Algar), Midnight species (Quelthalas) and The Last Titan (Northrend). Chris Metzen, a veteran of Warcraft, introduced the evening’s news rather energetically.

Barbecue The War Within presented a very funny movie, in which we see Anduin, Thrall and disturbing visions. If you’ve been missing spiders or Nerubians, you’ll be in for a treat. He looked very nice and introduced himself.

What’s new is that Hero Talents are allowed to deepen the specializations of the players, so they are going to go the way of Dark Ranger and Farseer. The Warbands feature is for everyone who plays more than one character on their own, because the horse carries a shared reputation, items in the bank and other elements. Earthen Dwarves are now an allied race. Your datadisk will be Anduin, Thrall, Magni and Alleria.

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