REVIEW: The campaign in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 falls to the weak


It feels like faith that I played Modern Warfare 2, and there is a long rebooted series that can provide the epic cinematic experience typical of the Call of Duty character. But hey, it doesn’t always work. This time it is the fault of the novelty, which added vc codes and no escape.

On the pape, it looks like a vint in time: we have iconic heroes and villains, ramped up pbh, famous locations from past games and the quest for freedom. It’s a promising psobc mix with a surprisingly bitter taste in the finish.

Modern Warfare 3 is a reboot, which means that there will be a reference to many different aspects from the past. You don’t have to suffer. Some moments will be sympathetically nostalgic for Call of Duty fans and their eyes may light up, while others, on the contrary, act like a thread of recycling and that unpleasant feeling comes: I’ve seen that before, and sometimes even on a better day.

Djov probably doesn’t expect the original condition for a long time. It is a mix of classic elements, such as the (old name) Russian villain Vladimir Makarov, threats in the form of chemical weapons or chilling terrorist flows. And yes, it’s like you’re mixing bits from a bunch of different horror movies. But it doesn’t matter in the finale (maybe for an open and closed ending), probably no one since Modern Warfare has equaled Oscar qualities. Pbh is functional enough to connect the individual missions at least somewhat meaningfully.

And controversial again

You may know that Modern Warfare got quite a stir because of a mission from the second part of the original series from 2009 called No Russian, which was filled with a terrorist day when the prisoners became an innocent civilian (active participation in the game was not necessary).

Modern Warfare has its rather provocative counterpart. There is a mission in which beware, spoilers the game takes on a conscripted terrorist who finds herself with an explosive vest on a plane full of innocent people.

Technically, it’s an interactive movie, not a premium level, but even so, it can be said that considering what’s happening in the world right now, this short episode from the game made a big fuss.

Some of them are classic in the sense of the word that it is an explosive epic story where something is constantly happening and you don’t have time to catch your breath. I wouldn’t say that today’s linear levels fall to the top of the series, but they are quite captivating and can draw you into the day.

In addition, as an impatient hunter, I appreciate that even when they are quite conceptual so that you fulfill them in a certain style, when it doesn’t work out, it’s not lost (at least not in the second place). This means, for example, that the plant is equally exposed to stealth ponn, if they didn’t ask you to discover two, they shouldn’t, you can make a rhomboid out of it (of course, it is less likely depending on the chosen skill on your level).

I would say that the previous dl was in this song. This time, it’s a little bit more about trying to save certain moments with a different approach, it wasn’t quite as confusing, so you can choose the game style that suits you.

Freedom? It’s not always a good thing

That’s the type of freedom that makes me, even a frantic and restless hunter, appreciate it, because sometimes I can’t get away with the stealth approach. But as Modern Warfare 3 shows, freedom isn’t always a good thing.

New dl toti pich with the so-called Open Combat missions, when your roles are known, but how you complete them is up to you. Treat it as a good thing, until you find that it disturbs the pace of the game unpleasantly.

Ever since Modern Warfare, the film’s dynamic range has been the same, but it still made the show a bit too long. They are rather widespread and sometimes boring. When you go from a linear straight, where you imagined wild pestles and explosions, to a level where you kind of court from one round to another, there wouldn’t be anything interesting along the way, it just wouldn’t be a surprise.

It’s nice that the creators are trying to make new things with him, but from my point of view it didn’t help the quality of the game. A much better choice is that, in the case of medium-sized missions, you have the option of choosing the way of their edges, instead of spreading them open straight, where you have a lot of freedom, but you don’t have a meaningful way to use them. Not that there wasn’t a lack of freedom in the past, but never before have I felt such a sense of long-windedness and absence of atmosphere and tension.

For example, I didn’t even sweat it, even though it was necessary to destroy those helicopters, I managed to remove two and my character was killed just before the destruction of this one. I had to repeat the whole mission because there was no autosave. In more linear levels, progress is recorded quite often (sometimes within seconds), but here I was lucky, I had to start again. And Open Combat isn’t full of moles either.

I will not pay for the whole campaign. Of course, it’s bad for the chosen complexity and how much you will want to explore the opening location, but I estimate that you can easily watch the subtitles in those hours, which is not very much even for Call of Duty. Especially with regard to the embedded Open Combat missions, which are often lengthy.

The excitement subsided

I’m not going to go around hot and straight, Open Combat was a necessary evil for me and I fought, and it’s over. And I guess no one should be surprised when at one point my game was confused by an intense level inside the prison, where a riot took place, and in a moment the hunter wanders from the container, which is endless and mostly boring. The problem is that the Open Combat missions are quite a lot and they take a big bite out of the campaigns.

But not to sputter. If it comes to the linear missions, although I have changed that they are not full of the best that Modern Warfare has brought, but they are good throughout, free of pestilence and adrenaline. You may learn that artificial intelligence controlled opponents are not angry, but in general I enjoyed the content of this. Pesto is a little sad that there are some original moments missing, such as the car chase from the previous game, which, although it was not perfectly processed, was interestingly improved.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Modern Warfare 3 is professionally mastered in no time, the site’s visuals and sounds are not bad at all, I haven’t noticed any technical problems.

Modern Warfare 3 is proof that new elements are not always necessarily positive. Sometimes it’s simple to say that when something isn’t broken, it’s not up to you to manage it. Open Combat missions are lengthy and not always free, and the main negative is that they disrupt the pace of the game and spoil its dynamics. The new finger is simply not the right fit and doesn’t offer as much freedom as the pair, which was simply better.

And just for information: you may have read that the game will take a bite out of your laptop, and it’s not just in this case it was only 234.9 GB.

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