Cabinet test be quiet! Dark Base Pro 901 – the quietest cabinet reviewed so far

Cabinet test be quiet! Dark Base Pro 901 – the quietest cabinet reviewed so far
Cabinet test be quiet! Dark Base Pro 901 – the quietest cabinet reviewed so far

When operating a powerful computer set, we usually cannot do without an efficiently ventilated case with fans, which, however, produce unwanted noise. If we also choose potential candidates for a new cabinet based on noise at comparable fan speeds, we have a tip for a possible winner here. The latest flagship of the prestigious Dark Base series by be quiet! in this respect, it is the quietest cabinet we have ever tested using the current measurement methodology. At the same time, it does not lose its primacy even after the alternative replacement of the full cover of the front panel with an open, freely passable grille.

The Computex trade fair, which took place at the turn of May and June 2023 in Taipei, witnessed the premiere of the new flagship among the computer cases of the renowned German manufacturer be quiet!. The prestigious DARK BASE series has been extended by the attractive Full Tower model Dark Base Pro 901.

All major models of computer cases be quiet! we had the opportunity to test it in our magazine, so today’s novelty can be retrospectively compared with the previous model Dark Base Pro 900 in the review from August 2016, or with its revised version Dark Base Pro 900 Rev. in the review from July 2018. 2.

After two years of successful operation on the market, the top cabinet from the Full Tower category has been modernized in accordance with…

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 901

The main motto of the manufacturer of the case tested today is “Outstanding versatility, performance and silence”. CEO Aaron Licht adds that the Dark Base Pro 901 is the culmination, where the performance and maximum versatility of the cabinet is underlined by new features that have not been seen in any other be quiet cabinet! used. The development of this cabinet model reportedly took three years, during which the most frequent requests of the user community were taken into account.

According to the manufacturer, the key features of the new cabinet include a replaceable top cover and front panel for maximum air flow or for virtually inaudible operation, fan holders on the head and ceiling with integrated fan hubs, a trio of Silent Wings 4 PWM fans, a touch I/O panel, support for motherboards of the largest E-ATX format, a flexible partition under the motherboard with the possibility of inverse arrangement, ARGB lighting elements and an extremely user-friendly concept.

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 901

Cabinet size categories: full-tower
Dimensions (depth x width x height): 603 x 254 x 569 mm
Color variants: black
Frame material (measured thickness): double-sided lacquered steel sheet approx. 0.9 mm
Sidewall material (measured thickness): steel sheet painted on both sides approx. 1.1 mm / tempered glass 4 mm
Front material: plastic, steel grid, anodized aluminum
Supported board size: XL-ATX, E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Number of 5.25″ positions: 1x internal
Number of 3.5” positions: 2x internal standard, up to 7x after expansion
Number of 2.5” positions: 2+4× internal standard, up to 16× after expansion
Maximum length of water cooling radiators: 420 mm
Position for fans: 3× 120/140 mm front and top, 1× 120/140 mm rear and bottom, 3× 120 mm side
Standard fitted fans: 2x 140mm front, 1x 140mm rear
Connectors on the ceiling panel: 4× USB 3.0, 1× USB 3.1 Type-C, headphones + microphone
Maximum CPU cooler height: 190 mm
Maximum length of the graphics card: 495 mm
Maximum length of power supply: 288 mm
Case weight: 16.30 kg

The manufacturer itself recommends the cabinet for high-end gaming and multimedia setups, powerful workstations, water-cooled and high-clocked setups, and last but not least, as a built-in solution in an inverted arrangement.

The highest model from the be quiet! surprisingly, he had to settle for a simple box made of natural cardboard with a single-color print, which apparently did not command the same respect from the carriers as the varnished cardboard with a full-color print previously used. Crumpled corners and deformations indicate that the 20 kg package was handled very carelessly.

Compared to the predecessor Pro 900, the box is relatively sparse on information, on its side we find at least a table with selected technical parameters and the necessary production labels.

The back wall then shows a drawing of the cabinet in its unfolded state with a legend and a few sentences about the manufacturer and the product. Those there are original photos of cabinet details with detailed labels.

The crushed edges of the polystyrene foam protective moldings are a bad business card for the multinational carrier that handled the transport from the manufacturer’s German headquarters. Fortunately, the cabinet surprisingly survived without visible damage. The protection of the glass side was strengthened by the inserted box with accessories.

What hasn’t changed from its predecessor is the use of a solid textile bag with the manufacturer’s colorful logo.

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