This time, three words and a signal from the Andromeda Galaxy entice the new Mass Effect

This time, three words and a signal from the Andromeda Galaxy entice the new Mass Effect
This time, three words and a signal from the Andromeda Galaxy entice the new Mass Effect

The calendars are glowing with the date November 7th, which means one thing. Actually, two things, but we believe that we really don’t need to remember the anniversary of VŘSR more than 30 years after the revolution. So that remains N7 Day aka the official day of the sci-fi series Mass Effect by BioWare and EA.

It’s no secret that the next Mass Effect is in the making in what’s left of the once-famous Canadian studio BioWare after significant layoffs and the departure of key and long-term employees. In previous years, on the occasion of Mass Effect Day, we were treated to some small attraction and even this year’s N7 Day did not break this tradition. After the poster and teaser comes the word Epsilon. Just the word Epsilon is hidden in the binary code that is deployed in the new, otherwise rather classic message published on the official website, authored by the executive producer and director of the Mass Effect brand Mike Gamble.

Once fans deciphered the series of ones and zeroes, they soon discovered that the word Epsilon could be used as URL component sites with a countdown that should have reached zero at 19:00 our time. And at that moment, another short teaser was published on the same page, which offers a five-second shot of the legs of a walking figure. A character who could be Liara T’soni, an old well-known Asari scientist, companion and information broker who is among the most prominent characters from the original Mass Effect game trilogy.

Liara is probably the only reliable common denominator of all attractions for the new Mass Effect so far. Just remember the great teaser trailer that we got already at the end of 2020. In last year’s video, there was a message in which Liara talks about the fact that the council should not underestimate human rebelliousness. The same words then accompany the visual canapé released today. It should be about audio transcript of an intercepted message sent in an unknown year, which is equipped with secondary encryption and code VJBSVU-XXXX-XXXXXXXX. And what more, it is the detection of a distress signal from the Andromeda Galaxy.

Has Liara made it to the neighboring galaxy where 2017’s not-so-popular Mass Effect: Andromeda takes place? Who knows. But it looks like it is the new Mass Effect cements the elements of the original trilogy and Andromeda. And that the character in the video doesn’t have to be Liara T’Soni at all. During the evening, the word Oculon was revealed, which leads to the release of another teaser.

In it, we get a better look at that mysterious figure. And while we still don’t know her identity, you can’t miss the colors of the N7 armor worn by the protagonist and Commander Shepard in the original trilogy. And judging by the fact that the fans have worked on the Post-Nebula password, which offers another countdown, at least one more video awaits us in the next few hours. It should also be remembered that the word Defiance, which is the name of the second teaser, is used to indicate the end of Mass Effect 3, in which – beware, spoilers from the distant year 2012 – Shepard survives.

At ten o’clock in the evening, a third teaser trailer called Nebula and then combining the previous parts into one short video (below). After hours of waiting and coming up with all kinds of theories, fans are disappointed. The third video didn’t reveal anything and we still don’t know who the mysterious figure is. He has a helmet. Apparently it’s a woman, but it shouldn’t be Liara. So he’s probably the new protagonist.

Some point out that the music is from Mass Effect 3 and is more ominous in style, which may indicate that the character in the trailer is actually villain. But why is N7 wearing armor, what is he carrying in his briefcase and who is he looking at?

We will have to wait for these and other questions. Maybe we’ll see something else in a month at The Game Awards. There, the new Mass Effect was shown three years ago with a short film. In it, Liara searched for N7 equipment. This leads fans to believe that the mysterious figure in the teaser is looking at Liara. Fans also point out that three of the teasers feature music from the original Mass Effect trilogy.

Anyway, from the first letter of each of today’s words (Epsilon, Oculon and Nebula) we make EON, which in English means a long time, or eternity. Is BioWare implying that we will have to wait a long time for the new Mass Effect? After all, it’s expected to come out first Dragon Age: Dreadwolf (perhaps the year 2024).

Also worth mentioning is the previously mentioned report published by Mike Gamble. Although we have labeled it classic above, it can be interesting for something more than just a random spread of binary code. Gamble stated that the developers at BioWare are asking the same questions as the fans. The list of questions concludes with asking what the hell is going on with our Asari scientist-turned-Shadowbroker, which of course means Liara, and what S-. Every Mass Effect fan deserves it “WITH-“ it will certainly install easily and perhaps automatically “-cheetah” whose “-cheetah”.

It should be noted that last year the BioWare studio ruled out that it would in any way tempt the return of Shepard/Shepard in the new Mass Effect. But it’s one thing to tease something years before a title is released, and another to actually get something into the game itself. Maybe it’s just Gamble teasing fans, but it’s possible that the protagonist(s) of the original Mass Effect trilogy will return in some form. For now, we have to content ourselves with saying that there are answers to fan questions, but we’ll have to wait for those.

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