The new Call of Duty isn’t bad for fans, but it’s a good game

The new Call of Duty isn’t bad for fans, but it’s a good game
The new Call of Duty isn’t bad for fans, but it’s a good game

If you’re buying the Call of Duty series just for the campaign, you can safely skip this summer. Instead of the expected culmination of the last game, this campaign was just a short, hastily filled jumble of multiplayer maps that did not resemble the high-speed action driving that we were used to in this series (see our review).

If disappointed players react to this with review bombing, I’m not surprised, they resort to a similar practice even for far more banal stories (see link). The sad thing is, however, that many of them, in their spread, are more than five games. The current game is called Modern Warfare III, and it is a sort of spiritual successor to the twelve-year-old Modern Warfare 3. Yes, the person who came up with such confusing names would deserve to be kicked out, but the fans had enough time to adjust to the new terminology.

Not much is in the new Call of Duty, for example the dog Riley is cute and pettable.

But they didn’t adapt, so in the Google reviews of the old Modern Warfare 3, which, by the way, we announced a few years ago in the editorial office as the best Call of Duty of all time (see n link), there were a lot of heated reviews. No, there aren’t many of them, but if someone orients himself only by user ratings, he should be quite confused. This problem doesn’t exist on Steam, but on Metacritic it’s only for lost souls who manage to fix their mistake.

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And the future will tell if this anger is justified at all, the main thing about Call of Duty has always been multiplayer, its gates will open to the public on November 10th.

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