REVIEW: The Invincible is a successful game adaptation of the classic sci-fi novel


The work of the Polish writer Stanisawa Lem is a rather intellectual piece and only generally adaptable to other media. The first part of his text is a description of the thought process of the main characters and philosophizing about social issues. even if they don’t have dreams or surprising twists, even director Steven Soderbergh cut his teeth on the filming of his most famous novel, Solaris.

The surface of the planet Regis III is barren, but they have been painted on the graphics.

The game The Invincible is based on a little book known in our country as Indestructible. It describes the fate of human landings on a mysterious planet that, despite its breathable atmosphere and the presence of water, does not contain any form of life. But you don’t have to know the background to understand the game, since the game takes place under the skin of the king-hero, you will be able to discover all the secrets yourself.

The protagonist is a young astronaut who wakes up on the surface of an unknown planet, and has no idea how she got there. Through the intercom in the helmet, however, a colleague, watching the orbit, quickly brings her into the picture: Her name is Jasna, and on the surface of Regis III she is looking for her lost colleagues. I have plenty of acid at my disposal, but even so, she’d better get some sleep.

You will soon find out that you are not alone on the surface.

The first steps in the new world are thanks to Unreal Engine 5 asn. Even when there is only an inhospitable wasteland around, the soldiers managed to conjure up an absolutely gorgeous scenery, and the integrated photography mode is the best testimony to their self-confidence. The atmosphere is then perfectly filled with an ambient electronic soundtrack.

The pace of the game is very calm, in essence it is a classic walking simulator (see the following article about this game), where you keep moving forward and enjoying the surroundings and the running. Thanks to the constant question on the phone, with whom Jasna consults about her discovery, the game is probably the closest to Firewatch (our review), but it is not nearly as personal and emotional, the dialogues are very good. The chemistry between the main characters works excellently and keeps the whole game going even in moments when nothing interesting is happening. That is, after a quarter of an hour.

The main point of the game is to stay behind the wheel of the lunar rover.

The Invincible is still relatively poor in terms of events, and the scenes that move the story forward are separated by long minutes of wandering through an inhospitable landscape. We won’t find an indicator point, let alone a compass, so you’ll both be looking for where to go, but I don’t know how to explore the planets based on the heel principle. The main character is very slow and out of breath quickly, so if you are one of those who need new and new stimuli, avoid the arc.

The game has many endings, but we would rather not talk about classic replayability.

The Invisible is a classic hard science fiction that tries to respect scientific findings and physical rules. The atmosphere is accentuated by the retro stylization, which is based on the technological design of the eighties and seventies of the last century. All the tools used are analog, so you’ll be twisting knuckles, struggling with an unpleasant sweat user interface, or manipulating dirty threads. Then spend the main part of the game behind the wheel of a small planetary vehicle, which made the long journey of the oven just a little more tolerable.

However, these passports were quite buggy at the time, the parked vehicle disappeared and appeared again, then it made yellow noises when driving, because of which I had to put the headphones away. It’s a code, because otherwise the game drank in my pod and moved smoothly the whole time, which is not so full usual in the day time.

The roughly seven-hour long campaign is completely linear, but at several turning points you can choose from a number of options that affect the overall progress of the game. In theory, we can talk about a certain form of replayability, but definitely don’t expect that you should play it again immediately after finishing, that’s what its gameplay is silent on.

The Invincible is the same as the original book of a character well that certainly does not suit Cadmus, but its qualities are undeniable. While playing, I often remembered my childhood, when I hungrily devoured every new chapter of the fantastic magazine Ikaria. For those who are interested in the topic, it is possible to get bored, at a leisurely pace and with a five-track pace. If you don’t have any special relationship to Lem’s work, I recommend waiting for a discount and chasing away the desire for a purely natural book with the recent Under the Waves, which is better in all respects (see our review).

Collect coins for the Megagame

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