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Welcome to another edition of tips on interesting products from China AliExpress. Summer has flown by and through September and October we have quickly reached November, which is of great importance in relation to this popular online marketplace. In a few days, the sales festival called 11.11 will start, i.e. the biggest discount event in the world. If you don’t want to miss out, you can already “add” some items to your favorites or to your basket.

We bring you tips on products from brands that already attract discounts. Current prices are listed and should be lower after the event starts. This year, the festival starts with “warm-up” discounts on November 8, and after a sharp start, it continues from November 11 until November 17. However, supplies are not endless…

European warehouses, tax and duty

The sales portal AliExpress has already started to use direct taxation across the European Economic Area. Under the price of the goods, you can see the sentence “Price includes VAT”, or confirmation that the value already includes tax. But keep in mind that goods with a value of over 150 euros are also subject to customs duties.

Baseus 24,000mAh 140W power bank

A strongman that, thanks to its performance, can “tighten” not only the most demanding phones, but also laptops, for example. It can charge three devices at the same time. At the output, it has 2x USB-C sockets and one USB-A socket with outputs of 30 W, 30 W and 140 W (when connected separately). The power consumption is 100 W and the power bank can be charged in an hour.

Price: CZK 2,330

EufyCam 2C security camera with HUB

Quality security camera from a manufacturer that relies on local operation and recording. Thanks to this, it is possible to have files stored outside the online space and there is no need for additional fees for cloud services. The package, which can contain up to three cameras, also includes the basic HUB HomeBase 2 with 16GB of storage. Data transfer is handled completely wirelessly and the camera has a battery that should last up to 180 days.

Price: CZK 4,070

Lidl has started selling a cheap 55-inch TV with Android. It doesn’t even cost 9 thousand


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