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  • Recently, Google has focused more on optimizing the Chrome web browser
  • In February, he introduced a memory and energy saver that will be especially appreciated by owners of less powerful computers
  • It will now show you how much each open tab consumes operating memory

The Internet browser Chrome saw the light of day on September 2, 2008. During its more than fifteen-year history, it managed to become the most used browser in the world. Currently, its market share is around 63%. In second place is Safari with less than 20%, third is Microsoft Edge with a 5.5% share (source).

How much RAM does…?

In February of this year, Chrome learned to work more efficiently with RAM and also reduced its energy consumption, which was especially appreciated by laptop owners. This was due to a function called Memory Saver, thanks to which the browser continuously frees up the memory occupied by inactive tabs. The Energy Saver can also be used hand in hand with it. Instead, it takes care of limiting background browser activity and visual effects when the computer is not connected to a power source.

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Don’t overlook

Chrome can use less RAM and power. Do you have the new features activated?

The latest gadget that appeared in the stable version of Chrome 119 is information about how much memory each tab takes up. This is a very useful and practical figure, again especially for owners of computers with smaller RAM sizes. Are you wondering where to find this information?

Sample of operating memory usage with an open tab in the Chrome browserSample of operating memory usage with an open tab in the Chrome browser
Sample of operating memory usage with an open tab in the Chrome browser

You simply need to move the mouse over any of the open tabs and after a while this information will be displayed. Just for the sake of interest, the page with loaded search results takes up about 120 MB on my computer, the same page on eats up 187 MB. The homepage of is 301 MB, at it is 375 MB.

In case you don’t have this feature active in Chrome yet, update to the latest version. If even that doesn’t help, open this path in the address bar chrome://flags/#memory-saver-memory-usage-in-hovercards, where change the value to Enabled.

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