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  • The popular WhatsApp is toying with the idea of ​​introducing ads
  • These could appear, for example, in status or channels
  • For now, it is not certain when or if the ad integration will happen at all

In terms of features, the popular communication application WhatsApp is catching up not only with its fierce competitors, but also with its stablemates. One of the innovations that the developers apparently plan to enrich the user experience is also unpopular advertising messages. These could appear in several places directly in the application and thereby contribute to increasing the profit of the parent company Meta. There’s no doubt that it will be one of the least popular additions among users, if it ends up happening.

Will there be advertising messages on WhatsApp?

The head of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart, drew attention to this possibility in an interview. The integration of ads should primarily be achieved through the Status function, which is similar to Stories on Instagram, but Cathcart did not rule out implementation into channels, which for a change take inspiration from a similar function on Telegram. Specifically, when asked by Brazilian website Folhe De S.Paulo whether WhatsApp will continue to be free and ad-free, Cathcart responded as follows: “WhatApp will not include ads in your inbox or messaging experience. Channels could charge people to subscribe and channel owners could promote ads as part of that feature.”

Ad implementation is not a new issue for WhatsApp. The company already dealt with the integration of commercial messages in 2018, but in the end it did not happen mainly due to concerns about how users who put privacy and security first would react to advertisements. Now, apparently, WhatsApp has asked this question again, and according to the answer of the boss himself, it doesn’t seem that the popular “gut” is even now afraid that some users will leave him.

Smartphone with WhatsApp iconSmartphone with WhatsApp icon

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Whether the introduction of ads to WhatsApp will eventually happen is not certain, however, given that Meta is primarily an advertising company, it is most likely that the popular communication application will not avoid it sooner or later.

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