Why buy a Sony XPERIA phone? We have two new reasons!

  • Sony XPERIA phones are unique, the manufacturer does it differently
  • But customers don’t buy Sony phones much, for a number of reasons
  • These days, getting them makes a little more sense…

Back in the day, Sony Ericsson phones were amazing and I remember them fondly. XPERIA Play was an amazing gaming machine, XPERIA Arc was a beautiful stylus, XPERIA Mini Pro was a small and powerful communicator. But the end of Sony Ericsson and the arrival of Sony meant a huge drop in sales.

For years, the manufacturer has been heading in a direction that customers cannot appreciate and sales are consistently low. But Sony does not want to deviate from the course it has set. And maybe it’s a good thing, at least they can differentiate themselves… We currently have two new reasons why top models from Sony deserve at least a little attention.

And both are essential. The first is the price, for which the Sony XPERIA 1 V and Sony XPERIA 5 V models are sold, you can currently buy them for 25,990 crowns and 19,990 crowns respectively. That’s still not a lot of money, but it’s a much nicer price. Sony phones are among the most expensive on the market, and they don’t usually come with big discounts. It’s nice that the manufacturer does not want to pander to the low price, but the sales correspond to it.

The second is Android 14, which arrived in the Sony XPERIA 1 V model, while the smaller brother should receive the update soon after. The manufacturer has prepared several interesting novelties for us, which are nicely summarized in the infographic. Sony relies on almost pure Android, which is supplemented by several high-quality Sony applications, and it is precisely on these that it focused its attention in Android 14, improving the Video Creator, Photo Pro or Game Enhancer applications.

But will it be enough to succeed? If you are going to use the phone for two years, then short support is not a problem, you will also get Android 15, the future Android 16 is still far away. However, if you would like to use the phone for a longer period of time, then the early termination of support will affect you unpleasantly.

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