Starfield: Bethesda released beta update 1.8.83 which adds support for DLSS


In mid-September, Bethesda said it would add native support for Nvidia’s DLSS in a future update to Starfield. This has now happened, but so far only in the form of a beta version on Steam, the activation of which will cause (after downloading new data) the creation of a separate version of the game. You can continue with your saved position from the standard version in it, but if you create a new saved position in the beta version, it will no longer be able to be used in the current standard version.

Bethesda makes a note in the beta update information that once the changes are reflected in the standard version of the game, save positions created in the beta version should also work in the standard version, but I personally wouldn’t count on this. I recommend taking the beta only as an opportunity to independently test what changes the new version will bring, but I would continue to play the game in the standard version. After all, the changes from the beta version should be pushed to the standard (release) version sometime later this month (for PC and Xbox), so you only have to wait a few days.

Beta activation on Steam

1. Open your library in Steam and find the Starfield item.

2. Right-click on it and select “Properties” from the menu.

3. In the new window in the left column, click on “Beta version”.

4. On the right, there will be a section “Participation in beta versions” and a menu with the value “None”. Click on it and select beta.

5. Wait for the new data needed to create the beta version of the game to be downloaded before you can start it.

The new beta update allows you to turn on DLSS (Auto | Ultra Quality (DLAA) | Quality | Balanced | Performance | Ultra Performance), Nvidia Reflex Low Latency (Off | On | On + Boost) a DLSS image generation for GeForce RTX series 40 cards. Bethesda points out that if the DLSS image generation function is active, VSync must be turned off at the same time for it to work, and this should be adjusted automatically in a future update. The following is a list of other changes.

Performance and stability

  • Fixed a number of memory related issues.
  • [Pouze PC] Added GPU performance optimizations that will have a greater impact on higher end cards.
  • [Pouze PC] Improved rendering model, improved CPU utilization especially on higher end systems.
  • Various stability and performance improvements.


  • Added the ability to directly eat food found in the game world environment.
  • Adjusted stealth to be a bit more forgiving.
  • Fixed an issue where Andrea’s head would remain permanently masked.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from firing their weapons.
  • Fixed issues where some NPC characters did not have clothing.
  • Fixed an issue where skill challenges already in progress could stop progressing further after reaching Unity and starting a new game.
  • Fixed an issue that could temporarily prevent inventory or saving from opening after entering Unity.
  • PC: Fixed an issue where mouse movement could be choppy.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause the homeship to be lost.
  • Fixed an issue where a ship service technician could be missing.

Graphic Design

  • Fixed an issue with how the ambient occlusion effect was displayed in ultra-wide resolutions.
  • Optimized initial shader compilation that occurs at startup.
  • Added option to adjust brightness and contrast in display settings menu.
  • Added ability to adjust HDR brightness provided the system supports it (Xbox and Windows 11 only).
  • Fixed a number of materials that could display an unintended pattern under certain conditions.
  • Fixed various visual issues related to the new FOV slider options.
  • Improved eye appearance on mob characters.
  • Fixed a number of minor visual issues related to lighting, shadows, terrain and vegetation.


  • All That Money Can Buy: Fixed a rare issue where the player could not sit while negotiating with Musgrove.
  • Blast Zone: Fixed an issue where hard rocks would not appear in the area for the player to clear.
  • Echoes of the Past: Fixed an issue where Queen Grylloba could sometimes not be reachable during the “Secure the Shuttle Bay” quest.
  • Eye of the Storm: Fixed an issue where progress could be blocked due to a missing docking prompt.
  • Grunt Work: Fixed an issue where progress could appear to be blocked if “Supra et Ultra” was completed while returning to the lodge during “High Price to Pay”.
  • No Sudden Moves: Fixed an issue that could prevent the entrance door to the Scow ship from being reopened.
  • Operation Starseed: Fixed an issue where the key needed to exit the device was sometimes not available.
  • Sabotage: Fixed an issue where the player could not find David Barron.
  • Short Sighted: Fixed an issue where the player could get into a state where it was impossible to continue while talking to Vladimir.
  • The Heart of Mars: Fixed an issue where the player might not be able to mine “The Heart of Mars”.

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