Warner Bros. transforms its biggest brands into a live service

Warner Bros. transforms its biggest brands into a live service
Warner Bros. transforms its biggest brands into a live service

Live service. Two words that haunt single player story game fans in their dreams. After Sony, which is preparing 12 such titles (half postponed!), wants to transform its biggest game brands into a live service as well Warner Bros.

David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, in front of investors, described the gaming division as incredibly profitable and confirmed that 11 studios under Warner Bros. develops unique titles that are relevant from the perspective of the younger generation. She prefers to spend time playing games than going to the cinema, watching TV or listening to music. But isn’t the company jumping on this trend too late?

Warner Bros. he sees great potential in the games and the possibility for economical growth. Action RPG Hogwarts Legacy it was a great success (over 15 million units sold), which had a positive impact on the entire brand Harry Potter. Not only for that reason, the company intends to invest more in game development and strengthen the emphasis on titles that generate more income in the long term.

The manager cited the brands Tron, Harry Potter, Batman and Mortal Kombat as examples. These should be a great fit for the live service and their value exceeds a billion dollars. After all, a fast-paced multiplayer co-op game is already in the works Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions. Regarding the bloody fight, Zaslav added that Mortal Kombat 1 sold nearly 3 million units. Unfortunately, we do not know until which date these numbers are valid.

So far, Warner Bros.’s plan has been create AAA games for consoles and PCs on schedule. Now the company wants more titles with support for live service, multi-platform and free-to-play. Such projects should be able to be created in three to four years. It is with them that players should spend more time.

The public’s negative reactions to the event did not change the opinion Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which is heavily criticized for its live service. It is being developed by the studio Rocksteady, which is behind the Batman: Arkham series. It will be released on 02/02/2024 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

So let’s hope that this emphasis on games that are gradually enriched with new content will not end up like that MultiVersus. This arcade fighting game had a large number of players in the beginning, but the bubble gradually collapsed. The title is now being reworked and should return sometime next year.

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