Samsung and Qualcomm join AMD FSR support


AMD FSR was originally created as an improvement of CAS (Contrast Adaptive Sharpening) technology, then implemented temporal reconstruction of details and, in the latest version (among other improvements), image generation. Unlike the competing DLSS, it is not closely tied to the hardware of one manufacturer, so it is also supported by other manufacturers.

SoC Exynos (Samsung)

According to leaker Revegnus, who has sources at Samsung, Samsung and Qualcomm are planning to officially support FSR as a counterweight to Nvidia DLSS. The goal is to coordinate the development of upcoming FSR versions and support on future ARM SoC versions of these manufacturers.

Snapdragon (Qualcomm)

FSR has already appeared in Android games, for example the first generation in the game Black Desert already in 2021. However, the newer generations have more specific requirements for the technological equipment of the graphics hardware to achieve higher quality, which will apparently be the reason why Samsung and Qualcomm are interested in cooperation – without it, it could easily happen that the new generation of FSR will not be compatible with the new generation of their SoC, which would mean a competitive disadvantage for them.

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