A fan promised to drink a mug of urine if GTA 6 was announced soon. And he wasn’t lying


The date of the official presentation of the next sequel of the Grand Theft Auto brand has been awaited for a long time. The obstinate silence of the developers only fueled conspiracy theories, countless “guaranteed” dates have appeared on social networks in recent years. One of the fans even recently tried to read the date from the position of the Moon relative to the Earth (see our article).

The fan may have been inspired by the name of the fictional Pisswasser beer in GTA.

No wonder that many did not believe the latest “guaranteed” news that the silence should be broken within this week, even though the well-known game journalist Jason Schreier confirmed their authenticity. A Reddit user who goes by the name JohnnyRockhard62 even expressed his disdain for the gossip with the odd promise that he would drink his own urine if GTA was indeed announced soon.

If gta 6 gets announced this week ill drink my own piss
byu/JohnnyRockhard62 inGTA

The post received wide attention due to its absurdity, but no one expected that this anonymous “bark” was taken seriously. When the announcement actually happened later, “Johnny” showed true character and kept his word like any good man. His parents must be proud of him.

He even immortalized his actions on camera, so now the whole world can enjoy this decadent performance. Some of the debaters think that it is a forgery, according to others, it is simply an enthusiast looking for any reason to justify his special tastes.

Most people probably find it disgusting, but the consumption of urine is not inappropriate for some cultures. After all, the so-called urinotherapy is an established treatment method in Western alternative medicine, in addition to drinking (own and foreign), patients also fight it. In ancient Rome, urine was used to whiten teeth, and American anti-vaccination advocates recommended it as the best protection against the covid-19 virus. In our database, I found an article about a certain Ruby Karyo from the USA, who, on her father’s recommendation, has been drinking her own urine for eleven years and even makes her partner do it, so that his hair doesn’t fall out.

As for Grand Theft Auto 6, we should see the first trailer at the beginning of August, but we will have to wait many more months, if not years, for the actual release.

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