Vodafone favors unlimited data and gives away thousands of discounts. Even on iPhones

Vodafone favors unlimited data and gives away thousands of discounts. Even on iPhones
Vodafone favors unlimited data and gives away thousands of discounts. Even on iPhones

The operator has prepared a discount for each telephone number of up to 8,000 crowns not only for new but also for existing customers, but with the exception of those with a Framework contract and Vodafone OneNet. However, getting a discount of several thousand, which can be used to purchase a smartphone (including iPhone 15), tablet, laptop, TV, Sony PlayStation 5 game console or smart watch, is not without conditions.

The main one is that the customer must commit to a minimum monthly payment for 24 months. Loyal customers (minimum 12 months with Vodafone with a total spend of at least 150 kroner per month in the last three months) can also get selected devices in installments with an initial payment starting at one kroner.

The amount of the discount depends on the number of services used, or their combination, as well as on the mobile tariff used by the customer. The discount ranges from 2,000 to 8,000 crowns.

The lowest discount, i.e. two thousand crowns, will be obtained, for example, by customers who only have a mobile tariff from Vodafone, namely Red Basic, Red Basic+, Red Standard, Unlimited Basic, Unlimited Basic+, Unlimited Super or Unlimited Super+ with a monthly commitment of at least 590 crowns . Those who use or purchase the Red Basic, Red Basic+, Red Standard, Unlimited Basic or Unlimited Basic+ tariffs together with fixed internet at home or Vodafone TV will save the same amount when purchasing the selected device. In this case, they must meet the condition of monthly payment of at least 390 crowns.

Customers who use (or purchase) only a mobile tariff, namely Unlimited Premium 5G or Red Maxi with a monthly commitment of at least 1,090 crowns, are then entitled to a discount of 4,000 crowns. Those with the Unlimited Super, Unlimited Super+ or Unlimited Premium 5G tariff can also achieve the same savings when purchasing the selected device, if they use (or purchase) fixed internet at home or Vodafone TV at the same time, with a commitment to a minimum monthly payment of at least 590 crowns.

Young people and students up to the age of 26 can also get a device discount of up to 5,000 crowns, for unlimited jetovtobě Super+ and Premium 5G tariffs.

The operator will provide the highest discount of eight thousand to customers who use the Unlimited Super, Unlimited Super+ or Unlimited Premium 5G mobile tariff together with fixed internet or Vodafone TV, subject to a commitment to a minimum monthly payment of 590 crowns. However, this discount only applies to smartwatches Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 47mm LTE, Samsung Galaxy Watch6 44mm LTE, Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro 45mm LTE and Samsung Galaxy Watch6 40mm LTE.

The discount in conjunction with the unlimited tariff can also be applied to used certified iPhones, which Vodafone returns to circulation with a two-year warranty. Specifically, it concerns the iPhone 12 64GB with a regular price of 13,601 crowns, and from December also the iPhone 13 mini 128GB for 16,001 crowns.

In the case of new customers (a flat-rate customer who has been with Vodafone for less than 12 months), it is necessary to take into account the deposit of principal. With a discount of 2,000 to 4,000 crowns, the amount is 1,000 crowns. Two thousand must be paid by those who take advantage of discounts of 5,000 crowns. In the case of a discount of 7,000 crowns, the principal amount is 4,000 crowns, and for 8,000 crowns, it is 5,000 crowns. The call principal is refundable, the operator will return it after timely and proper payment of the three invoices issued.

Loyal customers do not have to pay the call principal. In addition, the operator has prepared a device for those who use Unlimited Super, Unlimited Super+ or Unlimited Premium 5G together with fixed internet at home and Vodafone TV with a commitment to a minimum monthly payment of at least 690 crowns, which they can purchase with a discount of 5,000 crowns at the initial payment from one crown and pay the rest in monthly installments.

The Christmas discount is subject to a two-year commitment. If the customer terminates the contract early, the right to the discount will expire. The operator will therefore demand additional payment of the price of the discounted device.

Unlimited data is also more advantageous

In addition to the above-mentioned discounts on selected devices, Vodafone has reduced the price of one of its unlimited data plans in the run-up to Christmas. Specifically, Unlimited Super +, which can be obtained more than 240 crowns cheaper than its normal standard price. However, there is a condition: for 755 crowns per month, the tariff can be obtained forever only if it is purchased together with fixed internet. However, the operator offers discounts on this combination of services as standard, but normally the customer only gets a discounted price of 878 crowns. Thanks to the Christmas offer, you can realistically save 123 crowns per month.

In short, not even prepaid subscribers will come this year. Vodafone has prepared up to two weeks of free unlimited mobile data for them: once in November and once in December. Subscribers can pick up this gift on the operator’s website whenever it’s convenient for them. However, for activation, one of the data packages with automatic renewal from 149 crowns must be active.

For customers with Vodafone TV, the operator prepared a gift in the form of exclusive content from HBO and HBO Max productions in Videotéca. Customers who do not yet have Vodafone TV service and purchase a Sony smart TV from the operator will receive the service for three months free of charge.

In addition to the aforementioned, the operator also extended the current special offer of a fixed Internet connection for only 299 crowns per month for the first six months from the purchase of the service as part of the Christmas offer.

Competing operators are also giving discounts this year. In the case of O2 and T-Mobile, these are discount vouchers in the amount of 1,000 crowns for each service that customers use with these operators. In the case of O2, the voucher can be redeemed when purchasing the selected device both in brick-and-mortar stores and on the operator’s e-shop. T-Mobile customers can redeem it when purchasing Baseus wireless Bluetooth headphones. Both operators also prepared other Christmas rewards.

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