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  • Check out the gallery of unofficial images of the Galaxy S24 series
  • Look forward to only minor intergenerational differences
  • The biggest change will be straight sides on the Galaxy S24 and S24+ base models

At the beginning of January, Samsung will introduce new flagship smartphones for next year, and as in previous years, we should expect three models – the basic Galaxy S24, the larger Galaxy S24+ and the flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra. The editors of the PhoneArena server collected all the available information about the upcoming phones and, based on them, created detailed 3D renderings showing the appearance of all three models.

Galaxy S23: cosmetic changes only

If you were looking forward to some significant design revolution, we have to disappoint you – at first glance, all three phones should look practically the same as their predecessors. The base models will keep the look with rounded corners, while the Galaxy S24 Ultra will stay true to the rectangular footprint.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series on an unofficial renderSamsung Galaxy S24 series on an unofficial render
Samsung Galaxy S24 series on an unofficial render

Cheaper models are to undergo the biggest shape changes, where Samsung, following the example of modern trends, reaches for the flattening of the metal frame. The flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra is supposed to keep slightly rounded sides, but it seems that Samsung will proceed to reduce the curvature of the display at the edges.

The appearance and layout of the cameras will reportedly remain practically the same as the last generation for all three models – Samsung has stopped using protruding photo modules across its entire portfolio and lets separate lenses stand out. The only visible change in the upcoming phones is the shift of the LED flash on the Galaxy S24 and S24+ a few millimeters lower.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series on an unofficial renderSamsung Galaxy S24 series on an unofficial render
Samsung Galaxy S24 series on an unofficial render

The diagonals of the displays for all three models should remain approximately the same as last year – 6.1, 6.6 and 6.8 inches, so the overall dimensions of the phones should not be fundamentally different. The medium Galaxy S24+ is said to have dimensions of 158.5 x 75.9 x 7.75 mm, which means that it will grow in height and thickness between generations, but will be decently narrower. Either Samsung will change the aspect ratio of the display, or the change will be made in adjusting the thickness of the surrounding frames.

More cheerful colors

Since the proportions and design of the upcoming new products should not be fundamentally different from the current generation, Samsung will try to attract new customers with improved hardware equipment and new colors. According to the PhoneArena server, at least for the basic models, we can look forward to a more varied palette of shades including black, gray, purple, yellow, orange, light blue and light green – but some of them will be available exclusively on Samsung’s website.

According to the latest rumors, the Galaxy S24 series should be unveiled at the Galaxy Unpacked event in New York early next year, on January 18th to be exact. But there is also speculation about the date of January 17 and San Francisco.

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