The craziest wearable electronics? Humane AI Pin is a phone, projector and assistant in one –


  • Humane has finally unveiled its AI-powered badge
  • For example, it can make phone calls, take photos, film, translate or monitor your caloric intake
  • Availability is currently limited to the United States only

When Humane first showed its practical use of artificial intelligence in the form of a small box, many of us were very skeptical about the solution. After all, many revolutionary devices have already appeared in the world of technology, and most of them have turned out to be selling only rabbits in a bag. So caution was in order in the case of Humane, but now the company has finally presented its device in all its glory.

A small box with wide possibilities

With a bit of exaggeration, their invention can be described as a smart badge, after all, Humane has named its device the AI ​​Pin. With the help of a magnetic system, it attaches to clothing, while the ideal position seems to be in the chest area. This magnetic attachment system is not only used to place the smart badge, but also hides the battery, which makes it easy and quick to replace if necessary. Unfortunately, Humane did not boast how long their device lasts on a single charge, however, there is also a special case that is used for charging and hides one full charging cycle.

Humane AI Pin smart badgeHumane AI Pin smart badge
You can control the AI ​​badge from Humane with your voice or through a projector

The very shape of the AI ​​badge is reminiscent of the Apple Watch at first glance. It is made of aluminum, the touchpad is protected by Gorilla Glass and is available in three colors. It also includes a small capsule that hides hardware equipment in the form of a chipset from Qualcomm, a depth 3D sensor and a laser projector that allows the user to partially control the device and learn important information. The badge’s AI projects everything important, for example, on the wrist, and Humane calls this solution Laser Ink Display. The laser display can be interacted with by rotating and tilting the hand, and selecting an item is done with a tap of the finger, similar to the double-tap feature on the Apple Watch.

Artificial intelligence from Humane can handle a number of activities

As soon as you touch the device, the microphones are activated and the user can ask the artificial intelligence a question. The badge AI can answer a variety of different questions that you would otherwise ask an artificial intelligence or type into Google, and it can also work with previous queries and commands, for example. It can also play music from Tidal via an integrated speaker that creates a sound bubble around the wearer, and it also has an interpreter function. Humane states that their Ai Pin is fluent in multiple languages ​​and can translate spoken words in real time. There are currently no apps for the device, all actions and functions are accessed through AI.

AI Pin can also take photos and record videos through the 13Mpx wide-angle camera, both with the help of a double tap with two fingers directly on the device or through a voice command. All audio-visual records, photos, notes, comments or event history can be found on the “central” website, which users can access via any internet browser. In addition, the badge’s AI is also supposed to be able to track set nutritional goals, which was one of the functions that Imran Chaudhri presented at the beginning of the year. Thanks to the camera, it is also easy and quick to find out whether the given food fits into the user’s diet.

The badge is connected to the mobile network, thanks to which it can receive calls from verified contacts specified by the user. Humane claims that Ai Pin can intelligently determine what takes priority. If an unknown contact calls or sends a message, such as a food delivery service, the AI ​​badge will notify you of the call or message. Of course, Ai Pin can also be used to make calls and send text messages.

Humane AI Pin smart badgeHumane AI Pin smart badge
In addition to the device itself, there is also a charging station and a charging case

If you’re concerned about privacy and security, Humane has thought of that eventuality as well. AI Pin cannot be activated without direct user interaction, so it does not listen to you or record without your knowledge. As soon as the camera or microphone is in use. the device turns on a distinctive yellow diode, which informs you and the surrounding area about the activity. What we did not learn, however, is how the AI ​​Pin will behave in the event that you lose it or someone steals it from you.

Price and availability

Humane will first offer its AI Pin in the United States starting November 16. The price is quite high, namely 699 dollars (approx. 19,300 CZK with VAT), and unfortunately the previous speculations about the need to pay a subscription have also been confirmed. This was set at 24 dollars per month (approx. 666 CZK including VAT), thanks to which the user will get access to the Humane network, which is managed for the company by the American branch of the T-Mobile operator. It is not known when or if the device will reach Europe, as well as what its functionality is outside of the United States.

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