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  • A new sequel to the Wolfenstein game series is not in sight for now
  • However, you can try a great fan remake of one of the best parts Return to Castle Wolfenstein from 2001
  • The playable demo version offers a completely redesigned first location in a breathtaking graphic jacket thanks to Unreal Engine 5 technology

A relatively long time has passed since the release of the last installment of the famous Wolfenstein action series. Over four years ago, fans were treated to a not-so-successful spin-off called Youngblood that focused on co-op and RPG elements, taking the title away from its signature gameplay. And considering the fact that the Swedish studio MachineGames is currently developing an Indiana Jones game, it doesn’t look like BJ Blazkowicz’s return anytime soon. Maybe that’s why the fan remake of the iconic Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001), which is powered by modern Unreal Engine 5 technology, looks even more attractive.

Castle Wolfenstein in breathtaking graphics

Behind the successful remake is the level designer Christopher Sewell, who as a level designer participated in a number of projects in Unreal Engine 3 and 4. You can evaluate how he managed it in the free demo version, which allows you to explore the initial area of ​​the game. It should be mentioned at this point that this is primarily a demonstration of the graphics and level design. The absence of real gameplay or perhaps hordes of bloodthirsty enemies is made up for by the excellent visual processing, which makes full use of the advanced capabilities of modern developer tools.

So far, only a fraction of current video game production uses Unreal Engine 5. The first titles built on the new version of Epic’s popular technology appeared on the market only this year. Among them, for example, is the fantasy action RPG Lords of the Fallen, which is characterized by high difficulty, following the example of its more successful competitors in the form of Dark Souls or Elden Ring. However, we can expect to see the Unreal Engine 5 logo more and more often when launching games. The technology will be used by the upcoming Tomb Raider and future projects of the Polish CD Projekt (The Witcher, Cyberpunk). Last year, unconfirmed speculations circulated on the Internet that the creators of another Mafia were also switching to Unreal.

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