These two popular apps drain the battery the most. Do you have them on your phone too?

  • These two applications drain the battery of mobile phones the most
  • Maybe you use them too

Are you worried about the battery life of your smartphone? Are you charging it more and more often and have no idea why the battery is draining? We know what the problem is. You won’t believe how easy it is to solve!

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Want better endurance? These apps suck your batteries like a vampire

From dating and chatting to taxi services, hotel reservations to shopping for practically anything. Nowadays, there are mobile apps you can think of. However, many of them suck smartphone batteries like a vampire. According to Leon Bierhals, CTO of WREI, Instagram is the worst smartphone app ever. “You can save up to 20% battery by deleting Facebook and even up to 25% by deleting Instagram,” says the expert.

Problem apps in smartphones are usually the ones that are popular. It often runs in the background, which drains the battery excessively. In addition, they usually have access to a wide range of permissions (to media files, Internet connection, storage, call history, location, messages, contacts, microphone, camera or calendar), which does not exactly bode well for the durability of smartphones.

If you’re looking for an electrical outlet more and more often to charge your iPhone or Android phone, apps like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram are usually to blame.

Bierhal advises that people struggling with battery life should remove Instagram or Facebook, especially if they rarely use the apps. Another solution, he says, is to prevent apps from refreshing in the background. “Alternatively, you can simply access social media platforms through a browser to avoid the battery issues that come with using the official app.”

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Where is the error?

If you are wondering which of the apps is responsible for draining your smartphone’s battery faster, open the Settings menu and look for the Battery section. Keeping track of which apps are using the most battery can come in handy, especially if your phone is running low on juice and you’re in a situation where you don’t have a charger handy.

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