Farming Simulator 22 turns you into a firefighter

Farming Simulator 22 turns you into a firefighter
Farming Simulator 22 turns you into a firefighter

For PC and console versions of the popular Farming Simulator 22 an unexpected free add-on package has been released. He will make players firemenwho will fight fires and save people.

Emergency Pack created by the Creative Mesh team, the authors of Pumps N’ Hoses and Straw Harvest. The pack adds four different scenarios to Farming Simulator 22 that take place on and around local farms. As soon as the pager starts beeping, you need to send a fire truck to the scene.

You will put out fires, remove fallen trees and oil spills from roads, rescue injured passengers in a car accident and to intervene with helpless kittens stuck in a tree. So don’t forget the ladder. Pallets, containers, packages or fields can catch fire. You can change the frequency of occurrence in the settings.

The package includes two authentic fire trucks: HLF20 ​​and TLF3000 from the German company Schlingmann. And professional firefighting equipment. You can download the Emergency Pack for free from ModHub for PC and console.

We remind you that it will be released next week premium extension. It contains 35 new machine brands and a new Zielonka map that is inspired by Central Europe. Specifically, it is Poland and the Czech Republic.

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