Xiaomi’s new smart lock is quiet, secure and at a great price

Xiaomi’s new smart lock is quiet, secure and at a great price
Xiaomi’s new smart lock is quiet, secure and at a great price
  • Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 is a smart lock with lower noise and an affordable price
  • You can unlock it with your finger, mobile phone, NFC card or physical key
  • It stores data locally in the MIJIA security chip

Xiaomi introduced the E20 smart lock with Wi-Fi at the end of October, and now it comes with another product in this category, which brings more functions, is less noisy and has a fairly reasonable price. At the moment it is sold only in China, but there is a chance that we will be able to get it to us via Aliexpress, for example.

New Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 is equipped with a fully automatic body, the lock is said to be able to reduce noise by 12 dB when closing and 13 dB when opening the door, which is a significant improvement compared to previous models. Thanks to the regime Do not disturb it is even possible to turn off the sound notification and reduce the alarm volume, which is useful for any gentleman who comes from the pub in the morning and does not want to wake up half the barracks. It is the heart of the castle C level core, which is built directly into the structure. The body is also equipped with several sensors that constantly monitor its condition and ensure the best possible functioning.


Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 offers a wide range of unlocking methods such as fingerprint recognition, long-term and one-time passwords, Bluetooth, unlocking via mobile phone, smart watch, NFC card or classic key.


The lock uses an AI algorithm and machine learning for fingerprint recognition, so the more locks you use, the more accurate the recognition. According to the company, the verification will take place in less than 0.5 seconds. In addition, the MIJIA security chip stores everything locally, not on the cloud. It lasts up to 1 year on a single charge. As for the price, it was set at 1,299 yuan, i.e. about 4,100 crowns without tax.

How about a smart lock from Xiaomi?

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