Is your computer slowing down? This new feature in Google Chrome might help you

  • Google Chrome brings a new feature for desktop users
  • You can easily see how much memory each panel is consuming
  • The feature is available for Windows, macOS and ChromeOS

Google Chrome has held the position of the world’s most popular browser for several years, both on smartphones and tablets, as well as on personal computers and laptops. And it is in the new update that it offers a feature that can help a lot of people from problems with a stuck computer.

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A new gadget for Google Chrome

In the new Chrome update, Google will directly display how much memory a panel with an open website consumes. So, if you are used to using several bookmarks simultaneously, but your computer suffers a little from it, you can check in this way which page “eats up” the operating memory the most and in case of emergency simply turn it off.

The novelty is available in the Google Chrome application from version 119, both for Windows and for macOS or ChromeOS. Cross-platform availability is important, as Chrome is one of the dominant browsers not only on ChromeOS, but especially on Windows machines. Even on macOS, which is used by computers from the American Apple workshops, it holds second place behind the native Safari browser.

Source: Denny Müller / Unsplash

In order to use this feature, you just need to set it up directly in your browser. If you have updated but haven’t received the feature yet (it’s coming gradually for all users with the corresponding version), type “chrome://flags/#memory-saver-memory-usage-in-hovercards” in the address bar (without the quotes) and set get the gadget manually.

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