Apple has started a new chapter. Vision Pro glasses are out


Expectations for positive market acceptance of the Vision Pro glasses are very high, despite the rather ambitious price tag. It was set to 3499 dollars in the USA, converted according to the current exchange rate to 80,780 CZK.

In the past, a number of competing manufacturers, such as the American Microsoft, have brought augmented reality glasses to the market. However, no fundamental breakthrough in the market occurred with the previously revealed models. However, Apple is famous for being able to literally turn existing products into a phenomenon under its own control.

It was the same with the iPhone, which came at a time when smartphones with an operating system already existed. Nevertheless, he managed to score, on a global scale, smartphones with a bitten apple logo are now the best sellers.

The new iPhone 15 took off, Apple increased profit and sales

Sophisticated features

And now Apple wants to cause the same revolution in the market with Vision Pro glasses. “A new era of spatial computing is coming,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The glasses have a number of sophisticated sensors – you can control them with your hands, your voice, and even your gaze. While demonstrating the skills of the new glasses, the wearer could be seen just looking at the icon and it would become highlighted.

But you can also work with the image in front of you using your own hand gestures, the built-in cameras capture them and transfer the entire interaction to the virtual world.

In addition, Apple has connected the glasses system to its entire ecosystem. Apple Vision Pro glasses thus work with Mac, iPhone, iPad, iCloud or Apple Watch. Instead of looking at the small screen of your device, you can calmly let several virtual screens shine right in front of you.

The new product can do that too, essentially creating an entire virtual office. You can write on a virtual keyboard or use real peripherals – bluetooth keyboard, mouse and touchpad.

And it is not a problem to materialize a giant cinema right in your living room, in which you will watch your favorite series or a new movie. FaceTime calls are also supported. Apple claims that the new glasses will be suitable not only for use at home, but also on the go.

Virtual vs. augmented reality

The terms virtual and augmented reality are very often confused, but both technologies work on different principles.

Virtual reality glasses try to draw the user into a simulated world and completely cut off their senses from the real world. The eyes are usually completely covered by the display and headphones are placed on the ears, which are very often part of the entire system.

Augmented reality systems usually look like ordinary glasses through which the user can see everything that is happening around him. Special displays or cameras then only draw virtual objects into the real space. They actually connect the virtual world with the real one.

When will the rest of the world see it?

The question arises when the Vision Pro glasses will be sold in other parts of the world. On Friday, sales officially started only in the USA. However, Apple has not yet officially answered this question.

Server Medium claims that this is because rendering will be unusually slow. Users in Great Britain and Canada should not wait until the end of 2024 for the new product to arrive. Europeans – and therefore also the Czechs – will have to wait until the beginning of 2025. The glasses should be the first to appear in Germany and France next year .

However, it is quite possible that another generation of glasses from Apple will come this year, and therefore that the first one will not even be offered in the country. However, if this were to happen, users in the Czech Republic must expect a higher price tag – after adding VAT, it will probably exceed the 90,000 CZK mark.

It’s going to be a long wait. Vision Pro glasses will most likely arrive in Europe next year


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