Androids are getting the Quick Share feature starting today. The application for Windows will have a delay of up to six months –


Quick Share is coming to Androids starting today. This is an application directly from Samsung, which has existed in smartphones for a long time alongside the system application Nearby Share (aka Sharing nearby) from Google. So it was only a matter of time before the two services merged, and that is happening these days. The service, which wants to be the opposite of Apple’s AirDrop on Android, will bear the original name from Samsung.

The old and new form of the application. Quick Share comes to Androids from today. It was originally used for sharing only between Samsungs, now all Androids will use it. It is intended to become a competing service to Apple’s AirDrop

The update first arrived on Google’s Pixels, and soon after, the feature began rolling out to Galaxy phones. The new merged form of the Quick Share application should be available on Samsung phones between February 2 and 16. Quick Share has already appeared on some OnePlus phones, and will soon appear on other mobile brands as well.

Samsung provides detailed instructions on how to use the Quick Share feature for quick file sharing

However, for now, it looks like the unified Android (and Windows) file sharing service in its universal form is missing some of the features that were and still are available on Samsungs before. It does not work, for example, to create a temporary link for sharing files up to 5GB (Sharing links) or temporary encrypted file sharing alias Private sharing. However, these functions are available with Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S24 Ultra, so it is possible that full functionality will remain only in the Galaxy series. Or will these functions reach the rest of Android only with a future update.

This is also planned for the Quick Share desktop application, which should not be connected to the Nearby Share application until the third quarter of this year. But in principle it doesn’t matter that much, because Quick Share, at least in the Galaxy S24 series, already works flawlessly with the Nearby Sharing desktop application.

How to use Quick Share:

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