Zen 5 is delayed. AMD will release it in the summer at the earliest, or in the worst case, in the fall


First we had a report here that it might not be so hot with the new generation of Intel processors for the desktop – 2nm Arrow Lake on the LGA 1851 platform. To complete the luck, it looks like there are complications on the other side of the barricade. AMD will probably have a delayed Zen 5. Hopefully it won’t be all that dramatic, but it won’t live up to the spring release news we recently published. We do not yet know whether this will also slow down special game models with 3D V-Cache.

AMD itself shed new light on the question of when processors with a new architecture will be released. During a conference call with analysts regarding the now published financial results, company representatives confirmed that Zen 5 is headed for release in the second half of the year (April, which was recently mentioned as a possible date for the unveiling, will not be).

A closer date is unfortunately not specified, but it has been specified that it is a release for the “consumer market”, which can mean either processors for laptops or for the desktop AM5 socket. AMD is always the first to release desktop processors in a particular generation of architecture, so it’s almost certain that this statement applies to the Ryzen 9000s, codenamed Granite Ridge. They will be chiplet processors using the IO chiplet from today’s Ryzen 7000/7000X, but in combination with the new 4nm CPU chiplet with Zen 5 cores (the maximum will probably be 16 cores / 32 threads). So imagine the equivalent of processors like Ryzen 9 7950X, Ryzen 5 7600X and so on, only with Zen 5 cores instead of Zen 4.

Tip: AMD official document: Zen 5 has 10-15+% IPC improvement, core has 6 ALU and 512-bit SIMD

So these processors will be released in the best case in the third quarter, in the worst case even in Q4 2024. The first option could probably apply, because the Ryzen 7000s were already released at the end of September 2022, so a similar date at the very end of September would mean that between generations will be exactly two years apart. According to Mark Papermaster, CTO of AMD, the company aims to have a new architecture every 18 months or so. If AMD had made a release already in July, for example, (as it was with the Ryzen 3000X), the gap would be “only” 21 months and something.

June 2022 AMD desktop processor roadmap

Author: AMD

Strictly speaking, the possibility of a late release in the fourth quarter is not excluded either, so we will see what other information will say. However, a certain clue could be that again, according to AMD’s official statement, the server version of Zen 5 (Epycy 9005 codenamed “Turin”) will also be released this year. However, since AMD usually releases server processors a few to several months after the desktop version, this could be an indication that the Ryzen 9000 Granite Ridge won’t be released until perhaps November or December. So we would rather be slightly optimistic and wait for the launch in the summer – in July, August or September.

Models with 3D V-Cache only next year

According to Kepler_L2, who previously hinted at the possibility of a release on Twitter back in April, Zen 5 has been delayed. According to him, the original plan was to actually release the processors (for desktop) already in the first half of this year. We don’t know what is behind the delay, it can generally be various unresolved errata (errors) and the need to carry out further respins or silicon revisions.

According to this leaker, AMD was supposed to release or announce a second version of Zen 5 with 3D V-Cache (aka “X3D” gaming processors) at CES in January 2025, which would create a sort of half-generation refresh for 2025. But this was information from the before confirming that the regular Zen 5 wouldn’t be out until the second half of the year, not the first. Therefore, it is not certain that CES still applies, and the possibility that the release of the X3D models of Zen 5 will also be delayed, for example, until Computex (May to June 2025).

Sources: VideoCardz, Paul Acorn, Kepler_L2

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