Spec Ops: The Line has been completely removed from digital distribution


On Tuesday, we brought you the news about the download of Spec Ops: The Line, which is still highlighted among players, from Steam. Already after this step, there was talk of the fact that he was apparently due to the expiration of some licenses. These words were confirmed by 2K’s director of communications Joe DiMiero to The Verge magazine.

“Spec Ops: The Line will no longer be available in online stores due to the expiration of several partner licenses related to this game. Players who have already purchased the title can continue to download it and play without interruption. 2K would also like to thank the community of gamers who supported the game.” says a 2K representative.

While Spec Ops: The Line was still available on GOG and the Xbox Store at the time of the end of sales on Steam, currently the game it is also not possible to purchase from the sites of these two remaining official stores. So the only option at the moment is to buy a used physical edition or uncertain offers from various digital key resellers. For both of these variants, however, you have to expect a higher price due to limited availability.

In addition to the players themselves, they also criticize the recall the game developers themselves from the German studio Yager. It is also worth noting that after the end of sales on Steam, Spec Ops: The Line for a while jumped among the best-selling titles on GOG, where apparently a large number of players managed to buy the game at the last minute.

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