Beautiful streamer Pokimane limits her Twitch broadcasts and quits video games

Beautiful streamer Pokimane limits her Twitch broadcasts and quits video games
Beautiful streamer Pokimane limits her Twitch broadcasts and quits video games

20-year-old girl with Canadian-Moroccan hair, Imane Anys, has been the most watched streamer on Twitch for a long time. Currently, thanks to his Fortnite, Valorant and League of Legends games on the Twitch streaming platform, 9.2 million people follow him, and millions more can be found on his YouTube channel or Instagram.

Daily communication with anonymous people on the Internet should be real.

In order to devote herself fully to streaming, Pokimane transferred her chemistry studies to university, a move that has definitely paid off. Among other things, last year the magazine Forbes included her in its prestigious 30 under 30 list, which selected the most promising young talents from each country. She has her own make-up line, starred in a film with Ryan Reynolds and, unlike most other celebrities, her career has so far been without scandals, although of course she has not escaped the final ban either (see n link).

His dream career on Twitch has almost come to an end. I hope it doesn’t sound like a big deal from me, but when I look at what’s on Twitch, I feel like I have nothing to offer (in the original she used the slang phrase been there, done that), she revealed to her fans after a break . There is pressure on streamers to follow every trend, to prolong viewership, to stream according to others… It’s just a hyper-competitive industry. The reason for that is that I found myself at such a point in my life that I don’t think it’s creative to make a living, she explained herself to many people.

This does not mean that it will be completely withdrawn to the sides, but it will be much more interesting and with different content than we are used to. When I wake up, I don’t want to turn on the PC and work for eight hours straight, the young woman’s dream reveals that it’s time to move on.

The question is what will happen to the contract he signed with Twitch in Norway, but if Pokimane would have to join the regular workforce, with the exception of the fact that in previous years she earned about a million crowns as a salary.

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