NASA will try again on Saturday to send a rover to Mars with a sheep and figures

NASA will try again on Saturday to send a rover to Mars with a sheep and figures
NASA will try again on Saturday to send a rover to Mars with a sheep and figures

NASA decided not to launch its delayed Artemis I mission at the earliest possible date, which was Friday the 2nd, but to postpone the launch by a day to Saturday. The starting window can open at 20:17 our time and last for two hours. So unless some unexpected circumstances occur again. Then try to make a Monday appointment. Forecast two missions 60% probability that it will be inclined during Saturday’s launch.

Artemis I. Return to Msc

NASA has thus changed the schedule of the mission, which should now last less than 38 days, with the launch taking place on January 11.

Meanwhile, at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida’s Cape Canaveral, engineers were involved in fixing the problems that caused the launch to be delayed. The main problem was the lack of cooling of the engine. The rocket engines must be cooled beforehand so that they can withstand the heat during launch and not be damaged.

Later, the mission managers stated that they believe that this is due to a faulty needle in the rocket engine. However, they did not publish detailed information, saying that the analysis will take some time. The sensor was checked a few months ago at the factory, but now it doesn’t behave as it should.

On Saturday, for cooling the engine, two of them will be fired in about 30 and 45 minutes respectively, during which they will be quickly filled with liquid vodka for the main stage. This allows additional time to cool the engine to a temperature suitable for starting.

It was not announced how the temperature check will take place. The problem sensor must be replaced immediately, or its replacement would require the return of the entire machine back to the assembly hall.

The problem with the engines was the one that stopped the takeoff and start, but the people from NASA decided to fix another bug called me. They replaced the hose at the service shop on the mobile starter, which was leaking and leaking water.

Now we don’t have to wait to see if the Artemis program, which will transport astronauts to the surface of the Moon in the next few years, will be successful.

Now there are only a few sensor-covered figures on board the Orion ship, including a European flying astronaut, Shaun the Sheep. We wrote about the entire Artemis I mission in Monday’s pre-start link.

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