The dating site used artificial intelligence to fight fraudsters. The result is amazing

Almost everyone who tries to find a partner in the online space has that experience. You start to correspond with someone, things seem very ideal, but soon the person on the other end turns out to be someone who just wants to rob you of money. While the “hit” used to be girls from poor Russian backgrounds who needed money for their parents’ surgery or a trip to Europe, today it’s usually an American military doctor on a dangerous mission who always finds a reason why he needs your money. Unfortunately, similar cases are quite common in the Czech environment as well.

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Every dating site will inevitably become a gathering place not only for lonely souls, but also for scammers looking for their money. Such a fate also met the dating site Filter Off, which focuses on so-called speed dating in the online space. Anti-virus measures and closed bars all over the world brought her a large number of customers. But with that came problems, as product manager Brian Weinreich described to One day he noticed unusually active activity around the account that should have belonged to George Clooney. Also, does it seem strange to you that a person of his type is hunting on a dating site under his own name, moreover, in a situation where he is married and has two small children? That’s right, the real owner of the account was a man in his thirties from Nigeria, and there is probably no need to describe in detail how he tried to misuse the actor’s name and the dating site.

The usual response of service operators is to delete such accounts. But it’s like fighting a hydra. For one deleted account, five will appear. All other measures were able to delay the fraudsters as much as possible while annoying the normal users. So a bold decision was made to deploy the so-called “shadow ban”, which is used, for example, by the social network Reddit. Fraudsters are allowed to continue to operate on the network, but in a separate space. They will not meet ordinary users, but only other fraudsters and thousands of virtual people created and controlled by artificial intelligence.

Fun as a side effect

The benefit of such a solution is obvious. Scammers live for quite a long time in the belief that they are trying to “seduce” real people. This keeps them busy and no longer a danger to others. But the unplanned effect is many funny situations that have arisen. First and foremost is the increased number of reports from those who have realized that something is wrong. A number of scammers complain that the dating site is full of bots, following the motto “thief screams, catch a thief”.

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Far funnier moments occur when the scammer doesn’t realize his situation or even encounters another scammer. They then endlessly convince themselves that the other person should send the money first, or they get stuck in an argument over whose parents are sicker. The deployed chatbot is not perfect and sometimes fumbles about its gender, to which the fraudster flexibly responds with uncertainty about his sexual orientation. If you have time, you can have a good time reading these and other similar conversations on the company’s blog.

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