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Already this week, we will see the premiere of the new iPhone 14, which will once again bring a number of innovations. The most interesting functions are expected this time mainly from the higher Pro series, but even the basic models will definitely have something to offer. After all, a completely new 6.7″ model will also arrive this time, which will replace the Mini model in the portfolio.

As it happens, every year, every generation of iPhones starts to be speculated practically from the moment of the introduction of the previous one. It usually happens that the longer it is until the premiere, the more the speculations are bolder and only with the progress of time it becomes clear what is the reality and what Apple will not be able to do in the end. In the article, we will summarize the most important speculations that will probably not turn into reality in the end.

Complete redesign

One of the very first speculations about the new iPhones was the complete redesign that leaker Jon Prosser demonstrated on the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro Max. According to him, the phone should have had a thinner body and, most importantly, it should have gotten rid of the camera protrusion for the first time. According to his information at the time, after many years it should have been leveled again with the surface of the phone, as it was last with the iPhone 5s.

This is how leaker Jon Prosser imagined the upcoming iPhone 14 last year, even before the launch of the iPhone 13. According to his information at the time, we should expect a phone without a protruding camera this year.

Today, it looks exactly the opposite, and the new iPhones should, paradoxically, have the largest protruding camera that we have ever seen from Apple. Other design speculations that referred to older iPhones, such as the return of round buttons for volume control, were also debunked.

The most popular Apple iPhones

Other popular Apple iPhones

The arrival of titanium

The Pro series of iPhones has been associated with stainless steel since its inception. However, it has long been speculated that this year Apple should finally make a change and switch to titanium, which is stronger, lighter and more resistant to scratches. The use of this material was also discussed in connection with the aforementioned redesign.

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According to the first speculations, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro should have a body made of titanium.

Although Apple already has experience with titanium thanks to the Apple Watch, it does not dare to use this material for the iPhone this year either. The basic iPhone 14 will thus continue to be aluminum, and the Pro series will be made of stainless steel.

Face ID under the display and the return of Touch ID

A big issue from the beginning was also the puncture on the front side. At one point, it was speculated whether Apple could hide the camera completely under the display. Then the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo talked about the fact that Apple will eventually place the selfie camera in the traditional round hole, and only the sensors for Face ID will hide under the display. However, even this interesting speculation, as it seems, will not work out in the end

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At one point there was talk that Apple would fit Face ID completely under the display and the phone would only have a simple hole for the camera.

The same fate will also meet the fingerprint reader, the return of which has been talked about for the umpteenth year. Here, it was expected that Apple would be able to implement it directly into the display, as all competitors are able to do today, even with cheap smartphones. Finally, according to the latest information, don’t even expect a fingerprint reader.

Two shots

Instead of Face ID under the display, Apple will eventually use a double punch. The small round one for the selfie camera and the other elongated one for the Face ID sensors. This information came on the basis of leaked photos of the display panels, and everyone immediately logically expected that the new iPhone would have two holes.

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At first, it was expected that the new iPhone 14 would offer two punches. In the end, it looks like Apple will merge them into one software.

However, even that will not be so clear because Apple intends to connect them by software so that they look like one and will use the display space between them to signal an active camera or microphone.

New modern Apple A16 chip with 4nm architecture

There was also a lot of speculation about the phone’s equipment. According to the customs of the past years, it was logically expected that all new models this year will receive the new Apple A16 Bionic chip built on the modern 4nm architecture. It became clear very quickly that the new chip would end up staying on the existing 5nm manufacturing process.

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At the beginning, no one would have thought that Apple would not put the new Apple A16 Bionic chip in all smartphones this year. But in the end, the basic models will stay with last year’s improved Apple A15 chip.

But then came an even bigger surprise. It turned out that Apple will eventually use the new processor only in the iPhone 14 Pro series, and the basic variant will remain with last year’s processor. In the end, this will not be completely true either, as the iPhone 14 will probably receive an improved version of the Apple A15 Bionic chip with a 5-core GPU, which last year was reserved only for “pro” models

Second iPhone Max

The fact that Apple will cancel the Mini series is nothing new, and it was even talked about last year before the introduction of the iPhone 13 mini. However, the question was whether and what this model in the offer. In the end, the second large model with a 6.7″ diagonal should be the replacement, which, according to the logic of Apple’s marking, should be called the iPhone 14 Max according to the first information.

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Leaked photos of accessories suggest that the basic large iPhone will be called the iPhone 14 Plus. Apple will thus return to this moniker after 5 long years

The latest information and photos of the protective covers indicate that even this speculation will not come true. The new model should be called iPhone 14 Plus. In doing so, Apple would return to the branding style it abandoned years ago with the iPhone 8 Plus.

Higher iPhone prices

The Apple iPhone 14 series has long been associated with the fact that due to the chip crisis, inflation and overall rising costs, Apple will have to make the new iPhones more expensive across the board. There was even talk of a significant price increase of $100. This won’t end up being that hot either, and it even looks like the entry-level models will stay the same or maybe even drop in price due to keeping last year’s chip. The iPhones that may really become more expensive will be the Pro models, but here, on the other hand, we may see a higher basic memory of 256 GB, so in the end the price would be similar to last year with the same configuration.

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