Apple can still surprise. Watch Ultra is a titanium tank and the battery finally lasts –

Apple has been number one in the smartwatch market for seven years, and we can assume that it will continue to be number one. Three models of smart watches will help him with this. Apple Watch Series 8 is the next step in development with several novelties, beginners and those who are mainly concerned with the price of a watch will be delighted by the new lightweight model Apple Watch SE 2. The most durable Apple Watch model ever is ready for professionals and athletes – Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Series 8

This year’s main model of the smart watch builds on the foundations of last year’s seventh generation, to which it adds several additions and software innovations from the WatchOS 9 system. Don’t expect any major design revolution, the watch still looks quite similar, it is equipped with an “edge to edge” display with Always mode He and the brightness of 1000 nits, which is set in a body (41 or 45 mm), which is pleasantly curved on the sides. It also features new detailed dials and new straps.

This is the Apple Watch 8 in a nutshell. The new model of the watch is resistant to water, dust and cracking of the display. The watch includes interval training, calculates your step length and dries itself after staying in water (max. 50 m)

From the previous generation, the watch took the detection of falls, sleep, irregular heart rhythm, blood oxygenation or sleep monitoring. A thermometer is added to this, which is intended for mothers planning to conceive a child. There are two temperature sensors, one on the inside of the watch, the other on the outside, to avoid meaningless data when measuring. This takes place every five seconds and the watch indicates changes from as little as 0.1°C. Depending on the measured, the watch can retroactively estimate the date of ovulation.

A quick summary of today’s news from Apple:

In the US, (un)planned parenthood is the number one topic, so Apple assured that all data is user data and encrypted on the device. You can only access them using a password, Face ID or Touch ID, and without your explicit permission. The second innovation is car accident detection. In the event of an impact, the watch can automatically contact rescuers, using a combination of gyroscope, accelerometer (up to 256G), barometer, microphone and GPS. All information is evaluated directly in the watch, and only when you are driving. The watch can detect impacts from the front, rear, side and turns through the roof.

Four types of car accident detection presented by Apple Watch Series 8

In basic mode, the battery lasts the whole day, or 18 hours on a single charge. In Low Power Mode, when the Always On display and automatic exercise detection are temporarily turned off, the endurance will double. Additionally, this mode will arrive with WatchOS 9 on Apple Watch Series 4 and later models. The third significant innovation is international roaming with the watch, Apple cooperates with 30 multinational operators, but any further information is still missing. Roaming will be available for Series 5 and later models.

The fast charging watch will be available in aluminum in four colors and three stainless steel finishes. The GPS model will cost 12,490 CZK, for the version with mobile connectivity you will pay an additional 3,000 CZK. Watch owners also get a three-month free period of the Fitness+ app. The launch of the watch is planned for September 16.

Apple Watch SE 2

According to Apple, among the users of the trimmed down version of the Apple Watch SE, the vast majority are those for whom this affordable watch is the ticket to the world of Apple on the wrist. That is why the time has come to “change the vehicle fleet”. The Apple Watch SE 2 is made of 100% recycled aluminum and comes in three different colors. The watch has a 30% larger display than the Series 3, and is up to 20% faster compared to the previous “es ečka”. Environmentalists will also like the reduction of the carbon footprint during production by 80 percent.

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Apple Watch SE 2 scores mainly for its lower price, while maintaining most of the main features. The OLED display has a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits

The watch is intended for swimmers, measures low and high heart rate, can automatically dial an SMS number, for example when detecting a fall. However, the watch also has some other sensors from the Series 8, for example it can also detect car accidents. And what are they missing? E.g. blood oxygenation measurement, back estimation of ovulation time (i.e. temperature measurement) or the possibility to record an EKG. The heart rate sensor is of an older generation, you have to count on the fact that the watch will charge a little slower compared to its two siblings.

However, Apple also targets the watch a lot at children, which is why it is possible to set up the watch for your children via your iPhone via the Family Setup functions. The WatchOS 9 system is also expected in this watch, and it will go on sale in two configurations. The model with GPS starts at CZK 7,690.

Both basic watch models can be ordered today, they will hit store shelves on September 16.

Apple Watch Ultra

While Apple’s cut-down Watch SE 2 model just flew by at the press conference, the latest product continues to matter. The most interesting watch of the autumn keynote is definitely the Apple Watch Ultra. They have been in development for several years, and apparently the time has finally come for them.

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This is what we call a significant shift of the bar, the Apple Watch Ultra is a top smart watch for the most demanding

This is the most durable watch Apple has ever made. The 49mm case is made of aviation-grade titanium, which wraps around the sides and edges of the display. The display panel with an incredible brightness of 2,000 nits (!) is covered by sapphire glass. The body itself meets MIL-STD810H resistance, IP6X dust resistance as well as WR100 water resistance. Apple even offers an application for the watch, which is intended specifically for divers up to 40 meters (EN 13319 certification)! The working temperature range is -20 to +50°C.

These are the high-end Apple Watch Ultra:

You can recognize the Apple Watch at first glance. And this is mainly thanks to the right side with a raised part, which contains the crown with more prominent moldings and the action orange button. Both can be controlled even with gloves on, you can set your own behavior with the button. On the body of the watch, you will also find two speakers and three microphones that take care of noise filtering.

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This is how power saving mode looks like in the case of the Wayfinder watch face

The body of this Apple Watch has got the largest battery so far, Apple did not reveal its capacity this time either. It offers at least 36 hours of battery life per charge, or 60 hours in optimized battery mode. However, it should arrive on the watch only in the fall. In order to save battery, it will be possible, for example, to switch the dial very quickly from color mode to a black-red combination.

The new Wayfinder dial is intended for off-road movement, in which you can place all the necessary monitored parameters. You will also like the redesigned Compass application, in which you can place individual objects of your interest. And if you get lost, the watch will show you the way back from where you came. And with top accuracy, because they use dual-band GPS (L1 + L5 signals). And if you get lost in confusing terrain, you can sound an 86dB siren that can be heard by people up to 180 meters away.

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The watch starts at a confident amount, in the Czech Republic it will cost almost 25 thousand crowns!

The watch has new metrics and previews, it will measure your heart rate zones, your own or segmented exercises and everything else that the Apple Watch Series 8 can handle. Even a wetsuit should not be a problem when measuring on your wrist. The watch is designed for water sports, running and hiking in nature. The watches also have their own bands for each orientation – Ocean Band, Trail Loop and Alpine Loop. However, all versions cost the same 24,990 CZK including tax. Sales of watches will start on September 23.

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