See what the universe really looks like. A bizarre appearance came out to the scientists

See what the universe really looks like. A bizarre appearance came out to the scientists
See what the universe really looks like. A bizarre appearance came out to the scientists


Apparently, scientists have made an unprecedented discovery. They found out what the real shape of the universe is. In addition, the form they came up with is quite bizarre.

Our universe may not be expanding in all directions, according to new astrophysics research. Instead, maybe it’s going round and round like a giant space doughnut.

A bizarre appearance came out to the scientists

A team of European scientists suggests in preliminary research that a composite universe – whose edges have joined in a closed loop in several places – may make more sense than the infinite expanse we usually imagine.

And while this idea has not yet been definitively proven, it has interesting implications for the structure, behavior, and ultimate fate of our universe.

So if the donut universe hypothesis turns out to be true, it will mean several important things.

One of them is that a multiply connected universe means that the universe is finite and smaller than expected and than we thought. Its size would thus be only three to four times larger than the observable limits. And this despite the fact that it is still imperceptibly massive from our point of view.

See what the universe really looks like

“We could say that we now know the size of the universe,” said study co-author and astrophysicist from the University of Lyon Thomas Buchert.

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This would also mean that our universe is doomed to collapse in on itself instead of expanding endlessly outwards, occupying a space most of us can’t even imagine.

Although this question is far from settled, there is good evidence for this hypothesis. Right here, where the universe resembles the shape of an ordinary doughnut.

In order to determine the topology of the universe, they measured the astrophysics of disturbances in the CMB cosmic microwave background. In practice, this means something like the ambient noise of the universe that was emitted when it was created.

They found that there seems to be a limit to which these disturbances can go. If the researchers are not mistaken, this indicates that the universe is closing in on itself, as an infinitely open universe would accommodate CMB perturbations of any size.

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The question then remains what would happen if such an object reaches the “edge” and loops back. Unfortunately, this is not actually possible. Regardless of shape, the universe is still expanding faster than the speed of light, so no one and nothing can ever travel far enough to test it.


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