Apple is king among smart watches, it’s a park to the extreme

During the year there were rumors about yesterday’s models of smart watches from Apple, and he finally confirmed these assumptions. At the press conference, he immediately revealed the new models, which means, historically, the most diverse offer in this category of vehicles. It is good for both a cheap and cheap model, as well as a relatively expensive durable novelty.

Let’s take the best model with a name Apple Watch Ultra. This is completely new in the production of an American manufacturer. The Ultra variant has a single goal: to offer direct benefits to fans of extreme sports and, in short, to anyone who finds themselves in extreme conditions. So don’t be afraid to pay for it.

The Apple Watch Ultra will only be available in one, relatively 49mm variant. The display (Retina type with maximum brightness and 2,000 nits) is practically the same size as the Series 8 model, but the case is noticeably more massive. This is so that it can meet not only the IP6X dust and water ingress certification (water resistance to a depth of 100 meters), but also the MIL‑STD 810H military certification. The display is covered by sapphire glass and the case is made of titanium.

Apple Watch Ultra

Aside from health sensors, you have almost everything you can think of. The watch can measure heart rate, oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram, sleep phase and, thanks to the user’s body temperature sensor, monitor the cycle and time of ovulation.

The watch has a built-in speaker, which can even simulate the sound of a siren audible up to 180 meters away in an emergency. Thus, you support international freedom and know how to detect even a car accident: in such a case, you can also call for help yourself. The Ultra model is available for the first time only in a version with a built-in eSIM, so you can make calls from anywhere.

Another unique feature of the Apple Watch Ultra is the programmable button. You can set this, for example, to quickly execute an exercise or, for example, quickly place characters on the map where you are currently located. The GPS in the watch is again patched to allow accurate tracking of your location.

A large case also means a large battery. Apple claims that the watch can last 36 hours on a single charge. If you activate the questionable mode, then it will break through and charge for 60 hours at a time. The watch even has a special sleep mode to protect your eyes in the dark.

The price for this model is rather outrageous, even compared to what Apple wants for a watch. The Watch Ultra has only one color variant, but it offers you a different version of the item: alpine with a buckle, trail with a strap closure, and the watch with a tubular structure. All versions cost 24,990 crowns and you can buy them from 23.

Apple Watch Series 8

The second news is then Apple Watch Series 8. On the contrary, this is only a very stdm evolution compared to the losk model. At first glance, the watch looks all the same. That’s because they are. The design of the case has not changed since then, and the Retina display with a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits has remained the same size. Sizes are either 41 or 45 mm, steel and aluminum cases were preserved as well.

The changes are essentially only in the details. Series 8 turns on women thanks to the accuracy of the body temperature sensor. It recognizes small changes in temperature with high accuracy, and can thus estimate fertile days and monitor the cycle as a whole. The Ultra model has the same function.

The second innovation is detection in the event of a car accident, when the watch itself evaluates the seriousness of the situation and calls for help if necessary. In the event of a car accident, it can even distinguish the type of collision, which side it came from and whether the car rolled onto its roof.

The Series 8 smartwatch even has the same battery life as the Series 7 watch, i.e. 18 hours. What is new, however, is a controversial regime that insists on duality. The watch will be available in these colors for the aluminum version (silver, black, gold and red) and those for steel (gold, silver, black). Prices start at 12,490 crowns. Until sale zam 16. z.

Apple Watch SE

The last to join the party is the available model Apple Watch SE. On the contrary, he managed to get rather noticeable plastered. A novelty is, for example, the advanced IP, which is identical even in this cheap model to those found in its more expensive siblings (Series 8 and Ultra). The watch is available in either a 40 or 44 mm version and only with an aluminum case.

There’s also a Retina display with a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits, but it’s a little less than the Series 8. You can even take the watch into the pool, it’s waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. The sensor equipment is a bit poor, the watch only has heart rate, and it has errors like oxygen saturation and electrocardiogram.

On the software side, however, even with this model, you can rely on the detection of falls and car accidents. Apple Watch SE will be available in those color variants at a price of 7,690 crowns. You will be able to choose from both the wi-fi version and the model with an integrated SIM. To marry a woman 16. z.

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