Inked Dory: Onlyfans made me hundreds of thousands

Inked Dory: Onlyfans made me hundreds of thousands
Inked Dory: Onlyfans made me hundreds of thousands

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How much did she earn thanks to Onlyfans, what was the craziest sex in her life and why did she accept the offer to fight in the Czech organization Clash of the Stars? You will learn all that.

Inked Dory (27) is an influencer and star of Slovakia’s Onlyfans. He will try a new challenge soon. At the fourth tournament of the Czech organization Clash of the Stars, on March 11, they will compete under K1 rules in the O2 Universum hall in Prague.

However, it will not be a classic duel, but a two-on-two match. Together with her friend Karina Pedro, she will wrestle in the cage against Kristal Shine and Denise Ryndová. We chatted with Dory about why she accepted the match offer, but she revealed a lot more. We talked about Onlyfans, sex, Slovaks and her plans for the future.

O Onlyfanssex or human sexuality we write regularly, in detail and without shame. At Refresher, we don’t look down on these topics.

Let’s start with the most current, that is, the match that awaits you in the Clash of the Stars organization under K1 rules in small training MMA gloves. How did this happen? Did you always want to try something similar, or was the decision made purely by the amount of money they offered you for the match?

The organizers were looking for opponents for Kristal Shine and Denisa Ryndová, who had announced to them that they would like to wrestle, so they approached me and my friend Karina. But it all started with the fact that they only wrote me a message asking me if I would like to work with them. I didn’t understand in what sense, so I ignored it for a week because I thought it was going to be some kind of bullshit.

So you didn’t get an offer right away for the match?

No. But then I had a debate with my husband at home about the fact that I needed something in my life that would break me out of the stereotype. When I found out what the organization was about, I told them that I would go for it, but only for an adequate amount.

However, the more my husband and I talked about it afterwards, the more it started to attract me and it was so interesting to me that in the end I didn’t even care how much they offered me. Of course, I didn’t really care, but in the end I didn’t go into it just for the money I get for the match.


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March 10, 2023 6:00 AM

To clarify, this will not be a classic match, but a two-on-two match. Did you tell them to reach out to Karin as well, since you’re friends, saying that you won’t do it without her?

They immediately put us together because they knew that we are both Onlyfans creators and at the same time friends who work together. It made sense. On the contrary, it was the case with our opponents that they didn’t want to go into it unless they went into it together. I would probably go for it myself. Of course, not alone against two, but one against one.

Was it easier for you to make decisions when you knew you would have a friend by your side?

It’s definitely a better feeling because you know you’re not alone in the cage and you can help yourself.

Have you ever done martial arts?


Have you had a fight with a woman in the past?


And on what occasion? You won?

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