A famous Slovak actor and musician died. He was only 43 years old

A famous Slovak actor and musician died. He was only 43 years old
A famous Slovak actor and musician died. He was only 43 years old

Unexpected and sad news shook the Slovak acting scene. At the age of only forty-three, the popular actor and musician Dano Heriban died. The JOJ TV news portal reported on this on Wednesday morning.

The actor, who portrayed a cult character in the popular Slovak series Horná Dolná, was supposed to die in his home in the village of Svatý Jur, according to the media. Allegedly, he was supposed to have health complications, he complained of back pain. He is said to have visited the hospital the day before his death due to pain.

Emergency services were called to the well-known actor’s house, but they were unable to help him. “In the morning, we sent an emergency medical service crew to the patient, who revived him on the spot. However, the resuscitation was not successful,” Martin Balko, spokesman for the rescue service, explained to JOJ television. The heart betrayed the popular actor.

Dano Heriban was born in Trnava. After completing his studies at the Theater Faculty of the University of Performing Arts in Bratislava, in 2007 he got a job in the theater in Martina. Since 2014, he has been a member of the Drama of the Slovak National Theatre.

For example, he collaborated with the Aréna theaters, the Radošín Naive Theater, the GUnaGu Theater or the Žilina Municipal Theater. He has also acted in many films and serials. He is most remembered by Slovak viewers as Ďuro in the already mentioned comedy series Horná Dolná. Among other things, he won the Dosky theater award three times, and within the framework of television, he was awarded the title Television Screen Personality.

One of his last roles as Heriban was the character of Alexander Dubček in the Czech film The Man Who Stood in the Way, which premieres only on Thursday, May 25.

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