May 25: This is what you need to know (and not only) about the quarter trading on Wall Street


The Dow index, which includes shares of ten leading American companies, lost 0.11% and closed the trading session at 32,764.65 points. ir, the S&P 500 index rose by 0.88% to 4,151.28 points and the Nasdaq Composite index, which includes many companies from the technology industry, rose by 1.71% to 12,698.09 points. The VIX volatility index fell by 4.44% to 19.14 points and the yield on the 10-year US government bond rose by ten basis points to 3.822%. Oil prices fell by around 10%, gold and silver dropped around 10%, and bitcoin ended the day trading at around $26,460.

Company shares NVIDIA (+24.37%) sharply sent to a new record. The most valuable IP manufacturer in the world said that in the second quarter sales were up 50%, not what analysts had estimated. He added that in the second half of the year, he will have to increase supplies to meet the demand for chips used in artificial intelligence tools.

“NVIDIA has officially replaced the FANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) as the market leader,” said analyst Jake Dollarhide of Longbow Asset Management. “Investors are obsessed with artificial intelligence and NVIDIA is the perfect pbh in this area.”

In recent days, the markets have been nervous about the protracted negotiations in Washington about the government’s debt ceiling being lifted from the current 31.4 trillion dollars. Otherwise, there is a risk of insolvency. In response to uncertainty, two-year US government bond yields reached their highest levels since the rating agencies Fitch and DBRS Morningstar warned the US of a downgrade.

The result is a list

  • Best Buy (+3.08% Thursday) 1QFY2024 Results: Adjusted EPS $1.15 (estimate: $1.10), revenue $9.47 billion (estimate: $9.53 billion).
  • Ralph Lauren (+5.34% Thursday) 4QFY2023 Results: Adjusted EPS $0.90 (est: $0.60), revenue $1.54 billion (est: $1.47 billion).
  • Gap results (+14% in Q4 aftermarket) in 1FQ: Adjusted EPS $0.01 (est: $-0.16), revenue $3.28 billion (est: $3.29 billion).


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